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24 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

“If you don’t take care of your people, someone else will”. If you ask any CEO of some of the largest companies in the world, they will tell you that business is about retention. Especially when it comes to your sales team, staff, third party vendors or even interns.

What do I mean by retention? Well, if you ‘re your team is quitting all the time, they get bored, they’re not inspired, they do the bare minimum, or there is no open communication amongst each other, you will lose people and losing people can lead to many other repercussions because of it.

Billion dollar companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Disney have all realized that a major part of their company’s longevity has to do with how they make their people feel and the environment they create that their people look forward to on a daily basis. These 24 Points are not something I read in a book, they have been personally implemented and been a part my company’s culture for years.

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By Patrick Bet-David | Entrepreneurship | Startup Entrepreneurs

How to grow your business exponentially

Have you ever wondered why another entrepreneur is growing at a much faster rate than you? It’s because they become addicted to understanding speed while everyone else is trying to figure out how to survive in the world of business.

There are 4 types of speed that control how fast your business grows. Majority are usually good at one or two at its’ best but serial entrepreneurs master all 4 types of speed.

Most people who fail at entrepreneurship do so due to spending way too much time on things that have very little influence on their business. Serial entrepreneurs understand that great products have very little influence in growing a business rather how fast and efficient that product is being reached to the consumer that dictates the rate of their success.

While most call a serial entrepreneur a genius, they simply call themselves a SPEED ADDICT. All they think about day and night is how they can grow their business faster.

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