3 Types of Vision Boards for Entrepreneurs

3 Types of Vision Boards for Entrepreneurs-

Most people have heard of creating a vision board and applying the law of attraction for success. However, there are actually three vision boards that every entrepreneur should have and each one serves a different purpose. Patrick shares some old pictures his first vision boards in the U.S Army to his most recent vision boards that have driven him to entrepreneurial success.

You Can’t Depend On Your Eyes When Your Imagination Is Out of Focus -Mark Twain

5 Questions to Ask before Creating a Vision Board?

  1. What do you want your vision board to represent?
  2. What emotions do you want your vision board to make you feel?
  3. What is a good life to you?
  4. What makes life worth giving everything you’ve got?
  5. When you’re on your death bed, what needs to happen for you to be satisfied with the life you’ve lived?

Materials Needed for Creating a Vision Board:

  1. Pictures that matter alot to you.
  2. Magazines.
  3. Old books of philosophies and faith.
  4. Quotes, sayings, images of places you’d like to visit, reminders of events that inspire you.
  5. Books or quotes of athletes and great ones.
  6. Three boards  24×36. Buy supplies such as frames, glue, scissors, from a DIY or arts & crafts store.


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