Tupac Vs Biggie- Who do you market like?


I grew up listening to both Tupac and Biggie.  I still remember being a senior in high school when we got word that Tupac had died.  Everyone in school was shocked. 100’s of students ditched school that day.

So what was it about Tupac or Biggie that got the attention of the young generation.  What would happen if Tupac was to be inspired to be an entrepreneur instead of a rapper?  How would he have marketed his business?

I believe when it comes down to marketing, you generally two different approaches businesses and entrepreneurs will take.

1.The business is all about the message or crusade.Best-Tupac-Quotes-1

Apple, Jeep and Google are all about the message. Apple is on a crusade.  They attract rebels and people who want to be different.  Steve Jobs and Tupac have a lot in common.  Both of them had a major chip on their shoulder.  Jeep talks about the message of what made America great.  Google is about being able to predict what man will do next based on the words and websites they search.

2.The business is all about the dream. e416829a7a5aee04790b9571579ac26e.900x600x1

Virgin airlines, Dos Equis and Budweiser on the other hand are all about the dream. Richard Branson is all about having fun. The most interesting man in the world in Dos Equis is all about the dream.  All men want to be like him.  And just watch a Budweiser commercial. If you drink Budweiser, you’ll be happy and beautiful girls will be attracted to you.

The question you need to ask yourself is are you more like Tupac or more like Biggie.  Are you constantly talking about the vision of what you’re business and product is going to do or about the dream life they’ll have if they buy your product.

The great news is that both can work but one tends to outlive the other one.  A message usually has a longer life span than a dream.  A dream tends to change but a message tends to linger.  A funny movie will make you laugh but a movie with a message will have you talking about it or arguing about it for days.  Regardless, both of them make you go watch the movie.  The only different is one will be watched 100 years from now and the other only for a few years.

This simple exercise will say a lot about your business:

  1. What is the real message, vision or mission of your business?
  2. What dreams become a reality if I go into business with you?
  3. How often do you sell the message and the dream?
  4. Is the message something that can outlive you?
  5. Is the dream worth paying a price or working hard for?

So, take an inventory of yourself as the voice of your business to see if you’re more like Tupac or Biggie?

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