Entrepreneurs #1 rule of marketing

Valuetainment imageEverything in life is about marketing. Let me make that clear, “EVERYTHING IS MARKETING”.

Dating that model or the stud you keep thinking about has to do with MARKETING.

Earning the business of the dream client has to do with MARKETING.

Getting in the door to meet with the decision maker of a company is MARKETING.

However, the reason why most don’t get what they want is because very few KNOW who they’re marketing to. Whenever I speak to any entrepreneur, I ask “Who’s your customer”? If they answer “everyone”, than they don’t know their customer.

Most men think they know what they’re looking for in a woman but they don’t. Those who end up with who they want are generally very specific about what they want.

The #1 rule of marketing is to know EXACTLY what your ideal customer looks like and where to find them.

Age, demographic, married, single, income status, home owner, mobile phone user, millennial, boomer, Gen-x, Gen-y and the list goes on.

Once you know what your ideal customer looks like and where to look for them you save yourself thousands of hours and dollars. It may take you a few hours but I suggest you taking some time and answering the following two questions:

  1. What does my ideal customer look like?
  2. Where do I market myself to give myself the best chance of meeting them?

If you don’t make an effort to get better at marketing, your competition will.

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