How to REALLY Become a Millionaire

How to REALLY Become Millionaire.

How to REALLY become a millionaire.


2 year

Survival- Anything that can go wrong, will.


5 year

Earn between $100,000 to $500,000/yr


10 year

Million a year income


20 year
Deca millionaire


30 year

$100 million net worth


40 year

$1 Billion net worth





Work ethic:

Level 1: Part timer – 40 hours a week

Level 2: Full timer – 60 hours a week

Level 3: All the timer – 80+ Hours a week


Personal growth speed:

Level 1: Part timer – 24 books a year

Level 2: Full timer – 48 books a year

Level 3: All the timer – 100 books a year


How many start stops:

Level 1: Part timer – Average of 2-4 distractions per year

Level 2: Full timer – Average of 1 distractions per year

Level 3: All the timer – 1 start stop per 5-10 years


# of industries:

Level 1: Part timer – New industry every 2-4 years

Level 2: Full timer – New industry every 5-10 years

Level 3: All the timer – 1 industry for 40 years



Success is not a part time thing,

it’s not a full time thing,

it’s an all the time thing.

Time Stamps:

The Wealth Timeline- 1:41

The 4 Elements- 2:30

The Intangibles: 11:20

The Challenge: 14:00

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