15 Types of Entrepreneurs in the Animal Kingdom

Imagine that you’re an animal that lives in the jungle. If you were naïve about how all the other animals in the jungle are wired, how long do you think you’d survive? One day? Six or 12 hours? How long? Not a long time, right? All it takes is one evening before you’re someone’s prey and you’re dead. That’s exactly how it is in the world of business. If you don’t study the types of entrepreneurs and understand how people are wired, you won’t last long in business. So in this video and article, I get into the 15 types of entrepreneurs in the animal kingdom. I get into their personalities, how they’re wired, and how they view things.

And by the way, if you say, “I’m only going to deal with people that are just like me,” you’ll only do business with a couple of people. So you have to learn how to do business with all these different personalities, even if some of them rub you the wrong way.

So let’s get right into it.

15 Types of Entrepreneurs in the Animal Kingdom

#1: Eagle

The eagle is the first of the animal instincts of entrepreneurs. Eagles fly solo. They're strong, but independent. They don't need you to feed them. They know how to feed themselves. But they're not good leaders. They may say things like, "I know how to make money. I'm good. I don't need your help." They generally do okay for themselves, but if you're going to do business with them, keep their independent nature in mind. You have to position them in the right place to get the best out of them.

#2: Horse

Next is a horse. This is very simple. They are hardworking. They want to serve people and are incredible at running operations and make sure things work. At times somebody needs to do the dirty work and they don't have a problem with it. Just make sure to treat them right because when they kick, they kick hard and you'll feel it.

#3: Shark and Wolf

Sharks and wolves are very similar. While they can be dangerous, listen in here to hear why you should do business with them, and how you can keep from being devoured in the process.

#4: Rhino

The next of the 15 animal instincts of entrepreneurs is the rhino. Rhinos work their tails off. They put their heads down and get to work. But sometimes on the way to their destination, they break a lot of things. It's not about finesse with them. They say things like, "You want me to go over there? I'll get to that destination. I'll run through some trees. I may run over a couple of people and step on some animals. But I'll get to that place." So you have to know where to position a rhino when doing business with them, and don't expect them to have a lot of finesse.

#5: Sheep

Listen in here for why sheep are one of the types of entrepreneurs in the animal kingdom, and why you're a sheep, even if you think you're not.

#6: Monkey

Let me tell you about monkeys. There are good and bad things about monkeys in the world of business. They are so attractive and entertaining, because all they want to do is have fun. They like to monkey around, have fun, and tell jokes. And they can actually covert you into their show and you won't get any business done. That's what monkeys do. They procrastinate a lot. They say, "Let's go to the club.. Let's have a beer. Let's have fun." I've done a lot of business with people with this personality. That was their priority. I had to know how to distance and separate myself to be focused on the business that was growing.

#7: Sloth

The next type of entrepreneur is the sloth. Unfortunately, you'll work with a lot of people who are sloths. Sloths are lazy. They get nothing done and are very slow. If they tell you they'll get something done on the 13th, it doesn't get done until the 30th. Or if you ask them to get something done by 1:00 tomorrow, you don't get it until 4:00 in the afternoon. If you say, "I'm so sick and tired of doing business with a sloth," either fire them or adjust to them. Why? Because they won't change. That's how they're wired. A few may change, but many stay like that forever.

#8: Lion

The Lion is the next of the 15 types of entrepreneurs. The lion is a controversial one because a lot of people love to say, "I'm a lion!" So many people think they're lions, but it can take five to 20 years to figure out who the real lions are. There are a lot of wannabe lions. There are a lot of people that are loud and make a lot of noise like lions, but lions are in the heart. It's how people perform during difficult challenges. Lions get the job done, and everyone respects them. Lions are leaders. They see the future and know what it is to run the jungle. They know the difference between who's harmful and harmless. And they see who's playing games. They see all, not just part of the jungle. Lions become the kings in the world of business.

If you're reading this and you're a lion, that's great. You just have to also know how to breed other lions who take over jungles in their own business. Lions are in the business of building leaders.

#9: Snake

Next, we have snakes. You're going to face a lot of snakes in business. Snakes are everywhere. You can't run away from them. They're in business, politics, families, and relationships. You have neighbors in your community that are snakes. Some of your friends have snake tendencies. They're always maneuvering and always have something on you. You have to be very careful with them.

By the way, some people say, "I'll never do business with a snake." But if you're doing business with a massive amount of people, there could be a couple of them that are snakes. You just have to keep your eye ready for them because you're probably doing business with them and don't even know it.

#10: Cat

Next, cats. Cats are very strategic and calculating. They're into survival mode, you know, with nine lives. They act like they're not interested and don't care, but they really do. But they get what they want because they know how to play the game. You have to know who are cats, because the sooner you know who's the cat, the sooner you can adjust to their cat tendencies.

11: Dog

Dogs are phenomenal. They're easy, loyal, and great listeners. Dogs make great partners. They give feedback and are very fair. Dogs aren't afraid to tell you the truth, but they're willing to listen to you and encourage you. They make great partners and people to be in business with.

#12: Dolphin

Next are dolphins. Every company needs a dolphin. Dolphins are extremely smart, and they're incredible communicators. That's what they're known for. Being both smart and a great communicator is a great combination for people in business. And they work non-stop.

#13: Fox

Listen in here for how foxes are one of the 15 types of entrepreneurs in the animal kingdom.

#14: Chicken

Chickens are just afraid. They're sensitive. You can say the smallest thing to them and they'll say, "I can't believe you said this." Chickens back down. They always try to please everybody and don't know how to make decisions. Chickens don't make good leaders. If you're reading this and you're a chicken, you may want to work on adjusting that, because you won't make it long as a chicken in the world of business.

#15: Elephant

And then last but not least, elephants. Elephants are smart, brilliant, powerful. They have a lot of strength. But they move very slow. They won't move at your pace. They're not going to be the most successful or influential. But they're actually good at what they do.

So those are the 15 types of entrepreneurs in the animal kingdom. I share this with you for a very simple reason. A lot of people tell me about business partners that didn't work out. So now you know the different animals in the jungle. You can take a look at this and know different personalities. It's as if you're an animal and someone gave you instructions on the other animals in the jungle. What you decide to do with the information moving forward is on you. But one of the biggest strengths of the most successful people is they know how to read people. They have intuition and feel. And you may recognize that a person would be phenomenal in a different position, and rather than trying to change them, you reposition them so you can get the best out of them.

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