The Top Blogs and Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

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In many regards, female entrepreneurs have an edge over their male counterparts. In fact, one of the Valuetainment episodes published right here on gives the following advantages that female entrepreneurs (moms specifically) have.

Reasons Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

#1: The Tend to Deliver Bad News Gently
#2: They Have Natural Leadership Instincts
#3: They're Not Afraid to Speak Their Mind
#4: They Confide in Others
#5: They Have a Sense of Urgency
#6: They Have Natural Networking Skills
#7: They are Trustworthy
#8: They Display Emotions
#9: They Ask a Lot of Questions
#10: They Make Very Good Negotiators
#11: They are Superior Multi-Taskers
#12: They Have Better Problem Solving Skills
#13: They Have a High Pain Tolerance
#14: They're Great at Event Planning
#15: They Tend to Unite People

If you want to see the entire episode and article, you can check it out here:

14 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship a Man's Domain?

And yet in spite of those things, as this article on Business News Daily states, entrepreneurship was once considered a man's domain. And while the tide has shifted, there are still many challenges that female entrepreneurs face. Here are six listed in the article:

  • Defying social expectations
  • Limited access to funding
  • Owning your accomplishments
  • Building a support network
  • Balancing business and family
  • Coping with fear of failure

Sometimes the Guys Just Don't Get It

As stated in the article on Business News Daily,

Although more women are becoming entrepreneurs, they often face a set of challenges not typically shared by their male counterparts.

Now to be sure, female entrepreneurs can learn a lot from guys, but since there are issues that are unique to women, it's also beneficial to read and listen to content put out by the best female entrepreneurs. With that in mind, in this week's roundup post, instead of focusing on a lot of individual articles, I decided to focus on sharing with you some of the top blogs and podcasts for female entrepreneurs.

The Top Blogs and Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Before I get into the list of the top blogs and podcasts for female entrepreneurs, as a little side note let me say that much of the content on these blogs and podcasts are beneficial to men as well. After all, we can all learn from each other. But women naturally share things from a female perspective, so if that's what you're longing for, be sure to check them out.

Kate's Take

Chances are that you're already familiar with the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. It's a great podcast, and Patrick and I have both been interviewed on it individually. But John didn't get to where he is today all on his own. From the very beginning, Kate Erickson was by his side. Kate shares about entrepreneurship from her perspective on her audio blog Kate's Take. One of the things I love about Kate's Take is that it is in both text and audio format, so whichever you prefer is there for you.

Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted  found a way to compete in a very competitive niche - social media. How'd she do it? By focusing on an aspect of it no one else really was at the time - visual social media. As she niched down, Donna quickly became known as the top visual social media expert. She shows every day people (those without a background in design, and without expensive and complicated programs such as Photoshop) how to really stand out online using images. Donna has been featured on sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine,, and is a regular contributor to Social Media Examiner. Not only does she provide a ton of solid information on her blog, since her focus is on visual social media, her blog is also an excellent source of eye candy.


The iBloom blog has a specific focus on Christian female entrepreneurs. With it's faith focus, in addition to articles such as, Stand Out From The Crowd: How to Generate Leads Using Social Media, there are articles such as 6 Traits of a Successful Christian Woman Entrepreneur. So if you're female, an entrepreneur, and a woman of faith, this is a great place to both learn and be inspired as a female entrepreneur.

Biz Chix Podcast

The Biz Chix podcast is hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, and as the about page states, " encourages, educates, and promotes entrepreneurial women with educational content and training, a community support system, masterminding, coaching, and events." The topics covered range from social media to managing a healthy home, to women in tech and more.

Women in Tech Podcast

If there's one area where the female presence is sorely underrepresented, it's tech. So if you're a female, and in technology field, you're sure to love this podcast that focuses exclusively on women in tech.

Priority VA

Priority VA has a lot of great content for both male and female entrepreneurs. Among other things, the owner, Trivinia Barber, writes on topics such as how to manage a team. But the thing that I really love about the Priority VA blog is Trivinia's raw honesty. For example, articles like How 2016 Was Nearly The Year That Destroyed Me puts into words what all entrepreneurs experience, but are often afraid to admit to others - and often to themselves as well. The thing is, we all struggle at times. And something that adds to the struggle is the flawless facade we often use to mask the reality of what it's like to be a female entrepreneur. Of course, it's not all gloom and doom. In fact, I feel encouraged every time I read this blog.

By the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, let me state that Trivinia and I have worked very closely together in the past for, among other people, Amy Porterfield.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Speaking of Amy Porterfield, chances are you've already listened to some of her great podcast episodes. But if you haven't, what are you waiting for? Amy is the real deal, and I was privileged to be on her team (together with Trivinia mentioned above) for three years. During that time I learned so much about running an online business - lessons that have served me, and my clients well.

So you might think that after working for Amy for three years, that I'd already know all she has to say. Guess again. She consistently puts out great content that continues to inspire me and help me along in my entrepreneurial journey. On the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast you can expect to listen to episode ranging from where you should spend your money in your business, to how to deal with overwhelm, to everything Facebook and beyond.

She Did it Her Way

The She Did it Her Way podcast is a great place to discover female entrepreneurs. It's an interview-based podcast where female entrepreneurs share on topics ranging from productivity to leadership to overcoming naysayers and more.  To date, 123 female entrepreneurs have been featured on this podcast, so it's a great place to discover other women on the same entrepreneurial journey.

Women Taking the Lead

The Women Taking the Lead podcast is hosted by Jodi Flynn. I love this podcast because the focus is on "helping entrepreneurial women who want to go big." It deals with issues that many female entrepreneurs struggle with such as overcoming doubts, goal setting, and mindset. Prepare to be encouraged!

Fearless Launching

You can have the best product, book, or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, what good does it do? So, you need to launch. But many female entrepreneurs are afraid to get out there and make it happen. That's what I love about the Fearless Launching podcast with Anne Samoilov is that, as its name implies, addresses a big issue with launches, fear. It's nice to have the subject tackled head on, because face it. If you don't get over your fear of launching, you'll never achieve success.

Your Favorite Blogs and Podcasts by and for Female Entrepreneurs

I hope that you enjoyed this list of blogs and podcasts by and for female entrepreneurs, and that you'll discover some great content that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.


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