14 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do videos on entrepreneurship having to do with family, how to run a business with family, what it means to be married to an entrepreneur, and what you should know before dating an entrepreneur.

In this video, I decided to do an episode dedicated to mothers, and why I believe most mothers would make very good entrepreneurs.

Here are the 14 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

#1: They Tend to Deliver Bad News Gently

There’s something about the way a mother delivers bad news. They’re a little more tender. They’re a little bit more understanding. They are more concerned about the other person’s feelings. This type of sensitivity is a great asset in business.

#2: They Have Natural Leadership Instincts

I think mothers have a sixth sense. They know things that are going on that maybe nobody else knows what’s going on. They have leadership instincts. They can feel and sense things that men tend to miss.

One of the reasons they have such an edge is that mothers tend to spend more time with kids then fathers do, and many kids are emotional. Because of this, your sensitivity toward emotion goes even higher than a man’s would because you’re around it more. This results in a natural ability to read people much better.

This is why a lot of times a mother says, “I don’t get a good feeling about that person or I don’t get a good feeling about this.” They have a certain intuition because they see it with their kids all the time. So you have natural leadership instinct.

#3: They’re Not Afraid to Speak Their Mind

When mothers notice a problem, they’ll approach it by saying things like, “Son, I don’t like how you’re handling this.” Fathers may set aside the problems, but mothers will bring them up. They’re naturally not afraid to speak their mind.

In business, when you talk about things that are taking place, it helps you resolve issues sooner rather than later. A man may put off dealing with a problem and then have to resolve it seven months later. Mothers do it now.

#4: Men Can Learn a Lot from This One

Business problems would be solved much faster if all entrepreneurs did this.

#5: They Have a Sense of Urgency

Moms live life with a sense of urgency because they have so many things going on. Because of this, they tend to accomplish more in less time than their male counterparts. This sense of urgency helps them to take the necessary action to succeed in business.

#6: Natural Networking Skills

Moms are great when it comes to asking for referrals. They are constantly reaching out to people to find what they need to get the job done. Men are more likely to feel like they know it all, and because of that are less likely to ask for help. 54% of the agents in our company are ladies. And some of the best producers in our company are mothers who are very good at working the referral market.

#7: They are Trustworthy

When someone is trying to sell me something and that someone is a mom, I tend to trust her, and want to buy from her. A mom doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of her kids, and so my sense is that she won’t want to take advantage of me, either.

#8: They Display Emotions 

Moms tend to be more tenderhearted than men, and more likely to listen to others when they’re expressing emotions. They’re good at hearing people out. Men just want to give the next big positive, popular answer to be impressive and say, “Did you hear that comeback I gave?!”

But mothers are very good at saying, “Okay, I’m hearing you out”  and this goes a long way in business since everyone likes to be heard.

#9: As a Kid, You Probably Hated This 

But as a mom, it serves you well. Listen in to find out the thing that may make your kids roll their eyes, but that benefits them in the long run. It’s also one of the things that makes moms great entrepreneurs.

#10: They Make Very Good Negotiators

Moms negotiate with their kids, and they negotiate with their husbands. They often also have to negotiate with in-laws that may not want to get together. This ability to negotiate may not have a physical price tag on it because they didn’t go to the university to learn it. It didn’t cost $200,000, and instead was learned through “life university” that mothers go through. The ability to negotiate goes a long way in business.

#11: They are Superior Multi-Taskers

There are a lot of debates about whether or not it’s good to multi-task. I covered that topic in this video. But let’s face it; women are better at multi-tasking than men. They often hold a baby, cook dinner, and talk on the phone with their husband at the same time. Like it or not, sometimes in business you have to multi-task, and moms are better at multi-tasking than men.

#12: They Have Better Problem Solving Skills

Moms deal with problems all day long. They practice problem solving all day, every day on who? Kids! In the same way that kids have problems, there are also problems in business, and knowing how to quickly solve problems is an important skill.

#13: Ladies, You Put the Guys to Shame with This One

Every woman that’s ever give birth can relate to this one, and it’s the one thing that makes women much tougher as entrepreneurs than men.

#14: Event Planning

Moms plan all kinds of events on a regular basis, ranging from birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and family gatherings. Events are also an important part of business, and if you want them to run smoothly, put a mom in charge.

Bonus Point: They Tend to Unite People

Mothers are great peacemakers. They naturally bring people who are at odds with each other together and find ways to unite people who are divided.

This ability helps women in business because sometimes there are conflicts in business, and moms are well-suited to bringing unity to difficult situations.

Thank You

To all the mothers that follow Valuetainment, I want to let you know that I’m thankful for you. I want to give some love to all the mothers out there who are entrepreneurs. Go out there and use your strengths to your advantage so you can succeed in both life and business.

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