Do Older or Younger Siblings Make Better Entrepreneurs?

I recently got a request to create a video that answers the question, “Who makes better entrepreneurs — Younger or older siblings?”

In this video I cover:

#1: The advantages and disadvantages of being the older as well as the younger sibling

#2: A study done recently by the Washington Post analyzing the traits of 377,000 high school students, based on their birth order

I also look at the birth order of the U.S. presidents and finally give you my analysis regarding the impact of birth order on entrepreneurs, as well as the one big thing you need to succeed as an entrepreneur.

A lot of people have said things to me like, “I haven’t made it because I’m a younger sibling, and the older sibling has so many advantages.” But then the older sibling also often says they didn’t make it because they’re the older sibling.

Here’s what I found out:

Advantages of being a younger sibling:

  • You get bullied, which makes you tougher
  • You have someone to confide in
  • You have examples of mistakes to make and not make
  • You have a better teacher
  • You have a better example
  • You’re not lonely — you have companionship
  • You have someone to compete against
  • You may mature earlier, due to hanging out with people who are older than you

Disadvantages of being a younger sibling

  • You’re in the shadow of the older sibling
  • You’re babied a lot
  • There may be lower standards for you
  • You’re constantly compared to the older sibling

Advantages of being an older sibling

  • You have experience in teaching
  • You have experience in discipline
  • You’re raised in a higher standard environment
  • Parents demand more of you
  • More responsibility is given to you earlier
  • There are stricter rules for you
  • There are higher expectations for you
  • Mentally you look at yourself as a leader
  • You become a better communicator

Disadvantages of being an older sibling

  • Regardless of who does something wrong, the blame is put on you
  • You’re constantly being compared to the younger sibling
  • You’re under pressure to perform and set a good example
  • You’re expected to be the first in a lot of things

The big question is, does birth order really make a difference when it comes to being an entrepreneur?

I discuss the scientific findings that sheds light on that topic here.

And at this point in the video, I discuss how being an entrepreneur is like running for president and at 9:47, I reveal how many presidents were the oldest, middle, or youngest siblings.

What does this tell you? At 11:00, I give you my analysis of this data regarding whether younger or older siblings make the best entrepreneurs, and the primary determination of what makes successful entrepreneurs.

Are you the oldest, middle or youngest? Are you from a big family? Share your stories related to this topic in the comments below.

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