How Great Entrepreneurs Master Teaching

I want you to think about the teacher that you till today remember. We all have at least one teacher that we remember, right? Today I’m going to share with you how you can be that teacher everyone remembers. Because the reality is that as an entrepreneur, one thing you’ll do a lot of is teaching. You’ll teach your clients, vendors, partners and investors. You’ll teach your salespeople and everybody else about who you are and what you do. And the better you are at teaching, the better your business is going to do, and the more you’ll grow, because people will implement what you teach.

So let’s get right into it.

Step #1: Sell What You Are Teaching

First, you need to sell what you're teaching. Let me explain. If you teach me math, sell me the importance of learning math. For example, "Here's why math's important! It's so exciting. Everything in life is math!"

So step #1 is to sell me whatever you're teaching.

Step #2: Find a Way to Add Fun, Humor, and Creativity

Do what you can to find a way to add fun, humor and creativity to what you teach. Here's why. Think about a mind being closed. Every time you use fun, humor, or creativity, it opens up the mind. When a person's mind opens up, they're willing to have information enter their mind. Great teachers know how to use fun, humor, and creativity to open minds.

And if you know how to add sticky stories to whatever you teach, what you teach will stick forever. Why? People will share the stories with others. And they'll forever remember not only the stories, but what you taught them through the stories.

Step #3: Simplify: Make it Look Easy

Don't complicate things. Make whatever you teach look very easy.

Step #4: Give Steps

Give simple steps, that if followed, they can do whatever you're teaching them to do. For instance, first you do this, then you do this, then you do this.

Step #5: Sell Belief

When you teach, sell the belief that what you teach isn't that hard. Say things like, "It's easy. You can do it. You can pull this off."

Step #6: Teach the Way They Learn

Next, teach the way they learn. Some learn visually, some learn through reading, some learn through listening. Some learn through hands on. Teach in so many different ways so you can reach people with different learning styles.

Step #7: Re-Remind

Next, re-remind. Typically the biggest mistake teachers make is that they forget to re-remind and re-remind. They say, "Don't you already get it? Haven't I already told you? I already told you this!"

When I go home every night, I say to both of my sons, "What are the four things we focus on as a family? That we lead, love, respect, improve. Do we bully? No. Do we get bullied? No."

I've probably asked them this two or three hundred times. Do you know why? Because teaching is about re-reminding. Not just saying it one time and expecting them to remember.

Step #8: Be Patient

Next, be patient. Why? Because the speed of learning varies for everybody. Some learn fast. Some don't learn fast. And sometimes the best students end up being the ones that don't learn fast. So imagine going all in just with the guy that learns fast, but he's lazy. And you have another guy that takes six months to learn, but he's the hardest working guy you have. So you have to make sure to vary things based on individual learning speed.

Step #9: Be a Great Student

Next, be a great student. Typically the best students make the greatest teachers. If you're curious yourself, you're always learning. And people will want to learn from you because your mind is always growing. They'll want to learn like you learn. So you got to be a great student in order for you to be a great teacher.

Step #10: Encourage, Praise, Recognize

And last but not least, if you want your students to learn more and more, you have to make sure to encourage, praise, and recognize them. For instance, "There you go, buddy, you got it down. Good job! You made that shot. Awesome job, buddy!"

Then, praise them in front of people. "Did you guys see what Bobby did? Great job, Bobby!"

Then, you recognize them. You recognize the top students by saying things like, "The best, top three students right now are ______________. Bobby, because of this, I have a gift for you."

So you recognize, praise, and encourage. And eventually, people want to learn more because you become the teacher everybody remembers forever. And when I ask somebody in the future, "Hey, who is the one teacher you will never forget?" they'll say your name.

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