How to Plan Your Company Retreat – Annual Strategy Session

Strategy sessions are crucial to have an incredible year. Patrick Bet-David isn’t just talking about winging it in the boardroom weekly and calling it good. That doesn’t cut it. He believes in a full team retreat he calls the Mastermind Alliance.

The purpose of the Mastermind Alliance is to get together with your leaders to work on emphasizing leadership development, casting your next innovative campaign, uniting the entire time together, and getting a pulse on where everyone on the team is at. It is meant to unite you all.

“If we unite, I already know we’re going to start the next year on a strong, strong momentum simply because we had a strategy session.” – PBD

What does a strategy session like this look like? Here are twelve steps that will help unite your team into creating positive momentum to have an incredible year.

How to Plan Your Company Retreat – Annual Strategy Session

  1. Who’s in Attendance

    1. This is not a big party that involves everybody. This strategy session is a serious meeting with a sprinkle of fun for leaders only. Announcing ahead of time what you expect from the leaders who get invited is a great way to see who is committed to working hard and doubling down. Those that get invited, will bring value to the meeting because they want a specific outcome.
  2. Assignments Given

    1. Create assignments that will be their ticket into the meeting. Whether it’s reading a book, case studies, articles, whatever you need them to study. They need to do it or they can’t attend.
  3. Location Away From Office

    1. The Mastermind Alliance session needs to be three hours or more away from the office so your team doesn’t go sleep at home at the end of each day. That way you can wake up and get to work on new ideas.
  4. Have A Clear Outcome

    1. Ask yourself, if you had a perfect meeting what does the outcome look like for every leader that you invited? Make sure you have a goal, shift, or adjustment in mind for everyone in attendance.
  5. Come Prepared

    1. Gather up all your data and stats on all departments and systems, so you can look at everything analytically. The data will help you zero in on the cause of your issues or point out what trends and projections you can expect in the coming year.  
  6. The “Re” Requirement

    1. “Re” is the most important word, re-engage, re-mind, re-energize, etc. “Re” is about going over the basics, the fundamentals, so everyone is on the same page. It sets the mood from the beginning that allows everyone to take that step towards improvement.
  7. Bring in an Expert

    1. Nobody knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you so why not bring in an outside expert to come in and speak about a topic you outlined in your desired outcome. The speaker will validate the point you are trying to make to your leaders.
  8. Play a Movie or Documentary

    1. Pick a movie that hits on the right message you are trying to drive home so that your whole team shifts their thinking to the same direction in as little as two hours.
  9. Recognition

    1. Recognizing leaders at the beginning of the meeting is a great way to increase morale and engagement for the whole session. Be sure to make it fun!
  10. Set Start Times, Not End Times

    1. Have a start time so everyone knows when you begin, but don’t limit your meeting to end by happy hour. It is better to reach your desired outcome than worry about finishing at one or two in the morning. Start time – fine. End time – anytime.
  11. Add an Element of Fun

    1. You have to keep it fun and memorable so your team remains engaged and happy. Whether you play light-hearted pranks or games, do whatever you need to do so your team looks forward to these important meetings.
  12. Conclude With a Call to Action

    1. Just like your clear outcome coming into the meeting, you need a very specific call to action leaving the meeting. Sum up all the points you discussed and make a roadmap to take those ideas and make them into actions.

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