March 2014: Mastery

Written By: Robert Greene

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Top Review by Aimee Hoalt

The opening section Discovering Your Calling was what I found the most interesting. We tend to compartmentalize our work life and our personal life. Since we spend a majority of our time working, it ought to be something in which we love or feel called to do. If we cling to the idea that work is something we just get through to be able to enjoy the personal side, we may find ourselves depressed. When Greene broke down Mozart’s life and said he came to a point where he realized that it wasn’t the piano or even music he loved, nor the actual performance part of his career…..but his love for composing music and love for the theater is what his real passion was, I was surprised. It seems someone with his talent would love just playing or performing for people. But that is not what gave him his passion.

In our business, we may not love every aspect of what makes up our positions, or the things we see as what we “have” to do. But if we can find the one or two aspects of what it is that we do love, then we can focus on that and find what gives us the “juice”. For me, personal development and dealing with incredibly challenging people and situations is something I gain a great deal of satisfaction from. Within my daily routines, prospecting, setting appointments (phone calls), presenting, following up, teaching and leading a team of people who all have very different personalities and characters…..these are all things that help me to become a better and stronger person and THAT is what I LOVE about this business. If we can make the connection to what it is that we love, we can find our passion in what we do every day.

The section on finding a mentor to complete an Apprenticeship gave a lot of insight as to finding a mentor and what fascinated me the most was that it was a 2-way relationship where there was a learning taking place on both sides. I know I love learning from my uplines and my downlines, and frankly there should always be learning taking place on both sides. The Completing The Ideal Apprenticeship section was great in that it talked mostly about adversity and using it as part of the Mastery process. I can identify with that more than ever, at this point in my career. Once you gain an understanding and accept that this is a part of becoming a Master, it gets so much easier to accept and move through.

The Speak Through Your Work part of Acquiring Social Intelligence was my favorite in this section. This is where we get to show who we are through independent thinking and instead of telling everyone what or who we are, we show it through creatively expressing that which we stand for. How we live our lives is what will be seen, not what we just say.

Being able to Fuse the Intuitive with the Rational is where you bring together, your personal touch to the hard work you learned to push through, and this is where you reach a level of ability that most people can’t or won’t.

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