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2014’s Most Rewarding Book Club by Patrick Bet-David

Top Reviews of Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins:

Number one review:

Dr. Len Cooper

Babies and young children have an inherent desire to learn and develop. As we get older, the distractions of life cause us to drift from the pursuit of knowledge and overall enlightenment. Consequently, the pressure to merely survive has a tendency to stunt our growth and, therefore, hinders our ability to obtain higher levels of consciousness. According to Hawkins, we will most likely only increase our consciousness calibration by 5 points during our life-time. His perspective, in my opinion, raises more questions than answers: Regardless of our personal development pursuits, should we conclude that we have no possible ability to go from a consciousness level 200 to 300 or 300 to 400 etc? If a mind-altering drug can remove negative filters to expose people to temporary euphoria, shouldn’t the mind also condition itself to remove negative filters to cause us to calibrate at a higher level? In America, there are large numbers of rags-to-riches examples of people who beat the odds of their negative surroundings; were they already calibrating at a higher level? Do people who are born calibrating at a lower level, but have an intense white-hot desire to improve merely grow 5-35 points? I wholeheartedly reject that belief. I believe we have a much higher capacity to improve.
However, I do completely agree that most people will miss the opportunity to increase their consciousness because of the biggest hindrance to growth. This hindrance allows us to make excuses to justify why we are not winning. This hindrance makes us believe our own lies and interpret those lies as unchangeable truths. I’m not sure about you, but I have fallen victim to its glamorous seduction many times. That hindrance is denial. Denial is a device craftily used by our intellect to create a self made, and invisible prison cell that keeps us frustrated when one tries to figure out why he or she is not winning in life.
We all have the capacity to increase our conscious calibrations throughout our lives if we purposefully and consistently personally develop. I believe that our only chance to tap into power is to: (1) surrender our ego and pride; (2) stop believing our excuses; (3) acknowledge that our fears are imaginary; and (3) allow love, joy, peace, and the other gifts of the Spirit to serve as our life-long compass.

Second place review by:
David Hayes

Robert Greene, author of Mastery (March’s BOTM), simply states that the interworkings of the mind are ultimately a reflection of the outer world, and vice versa. Dr. Hawkins takes that a step further to explain that the “inner mind” and “outer world” are essentially one in the same: there is no form without consciousness, and thus no consciousness without form. Decarte expresses this same observation of outer self and inner thouht with his infamous quote, “I think, therefore I am”.

Brilliant! Now what does this mean and how does it make me any happier or fullfilled?

Great question outer David! Thank you inner David! Perhaps we shall solve this one together with the help Dr Hawkins and his extensive research.

Lets take a walk through our own brain shall we. What do we see?

Memories, images, shapes, people, ideas, concepts, emotions, feelings, “things” we do not yet have words to describe…it seems essentially limitless.

Do you rember the book/movie sphere?

Yes. That is where the thoughts of those who stepped in the sphere manifested themselves. I see where you are going…

Well done. You see, have you ever had a moment that seemed completely pure, where the conscious and subconscious met, where the inner thought simultaneously matched the outer observation, where the self and I naturally became one?

I think so?

If you have to think then the answer is no. Those at the higher levels of consciousness experience this connective duality of “be”and “is” and as a result are capable of a much stronger perception, a more powerful connection, and a much clearer interpretation on what is “experinced”.

So how do we all get there?

Another brilliant practical question outer David? Just keep reading friend. And so will I. And when “We” are on the same page, and super thought and absent thought are simultaneous, we’ll know, and at that point we won’t even need words.

Third Place Review by:
Lorraine Morin

I had to read the book twice… The first time through I kept having this uncanny feeling that I already knew the material or rather there was nothing being taught or scientifically quantified and calibrated that I already new… But it was so exciting to me because what was happening was I was seeing my many years of study in Eastern studies of Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity all coming together yet in a factually based and scientifically proven medium… That medium is kinesiology, the testing of the musculature of the body to tap into the universal consciousness to validate what had been before only a matter of personal perspective and belief!!!

The second reading of the book, took me on another adventure of the mind to try to grasp the methodology of the testing and how it could be applied in the every day world to make a potentially huge impact on the mind and spirit of mankind… Since on a calibrated scale of 1 to 1,000, man on average only grows 5 points in life and the average beginning point for mankind is a paltry 204 on the scale, the question begs… Is mankind ready for this to be employed in everyday life???

I don’t have an answer for if mankind is developed or courageous enough to have the ultimate knowledge of all time at their fingertips, especially considering that included would be all of the thoughts, words and deeds they themselves have taken in life… Would the human ego allow such knowledge to be released and employed en masse??? Could man live in a world where “truth and falsehood” could be proven in a scientifically sound and replicate-able way??? The possibilities here are astounding!!! It is my hope that some day soon, this science is brought under full light of day and can begin to raise the consciousness of the world to a more than just barely courageous level and that higher states of consciousness become the norm for most of the population… Just imagine what a world like that would be!!!

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