Is Mission: Impossible Possible?

With 2012 now here and New Year’s resolutions made, it’s now time to ditch the conventional and decide to do the Impossible.

Have you ever questioned why we’re told to play it safe in life? Why do we look for the predictable path of least resistance? It’s a mentality that leads many people to avoid risks and to instead pursue a career with a safe salary with secure benefits. But when’s the last time you got excited about a movie where the story line was about being safe? No one is making a movie called Mission: Typical.

We love movies about inspirational heroes taking risks and overcoming extraordinary challenges. Here’s a link to the IMDB list of the top 250 most voted-for movies of all time; look it over and see if you notice a trend.

Most people have never truly explored the side of themselves that’s filled with an incredible capacity for greatness—the kind of greatness that movies are made about and books are written about, that we accepted as possible when we were children. Throughout our lives, we are told over and over again to play it safe and be conservative. When we follow this advice, we end up living a life that’s like a movie no one wants to watch. Instead of living our passion and overcoming challenges in our own lives, we go to the movies and watch stories about other people reaching their dreams and doing the impossible.

So my question to you as we start the New Year is why not direct your own life’s movie? Why not go for it?

That’s the idea that inspired me to write the book I’ve been working on for the last three years: Doing the Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible.  I didn’t want to write a motivational book that’s like all the others out there online and in book stores. This book may challenge your beliefs and conventional wisdom, and yet all of the advice and anecdotes are the absolute the truth. The book is controversial at times but applicable to anyone who makes a decision to do the impossible.

It’s a simple 160 page book that you can finish in a few hours. Each chapter has specific instructions and assessment exercises to guide you along the twenty-five point roadmap for Doing the Impossible. If you’re someone who wants to make 2012 the beginning of the greatest years of your life, this may be the book for you.

Amazon has a pre-sale price on their website until the 16th of January with 33% off at $11.99 for soft cover and $6.99 for Kindle.

Make Mission: Impossible Possible in 2012.


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