How to Be Different as an Entrepreneur

If you did a Google search right now on “how to be different,” you would get roughly 1.7 billion search world-wide search results. Why? Because billions of people wake up every single morning asking, “How can I be different? How can I be authentic and unique?” So in this article and video, I get into how to be different as an entrepreneur.

Editor's Note: This video is from our archives. We're sharing it again for those of you who missed it earlier, or who need a refresher. We've also added the written content to it for those of you who prefer to read. Enjoy!

Now here’s the simple answer to that question. The one way to be different as an entrepreneur is to be you. See, a lot of people watch other entrepreneurs and act like them. Sometimes even actors act like another person temporarily, but permanently they go back to the way they truly are.

You don’t need to be like somebody else to have the same kind of success they’ve had. However, this is one thing to keep in mind. The way to be slightly different is to think differently than others. When you read books like Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, it will change the way you think. Mark Cuban told me that when he read the book, it changed the way he viewed things. The book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Cohello also challenges you to think different, as does the book, Rework by Jason Fried. It talks about not just thinking differently, but working in a completely different way. The book, First Rate Madness also challenges you to think differently.

So as you can see, reading books from great minds is a way to learn how to think different, but stay authentic and true to yourself. That’s important, because it’s the only way to be different as an entrepreneur.

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