7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful

Great coaches, mentors and CEOs are all very good at having a certain intuition where they know which player, talent, or future leader to bet on. There’s something about them. Somehow they know who’s going to be successful. They get credit for choosing and putting their money on the right people. Think about it. What if there was a technology for you to be able to tell that Arnold Schwarzenegger would become who he is today when he was only 14? How about Michael Jordan, Alexander the Great, Mohammad Reza Shah? What if you could figure it out ahead of time? Think about it. I mean, Mohammad Reza Shah was given Iran at the age of 21. Alexander the Great conquered two million square miles of the world. Can you tell ahead of time if somebody’s going to be successful? I’m here to tell you that there’s seven signs that you’re going to be successful in life. That’s what I get into in this video.

7 Signs You’re Going to Be Successful

#1: Super Competitive

Let's start off with number one. Number one is that the people that are going to be successful in life are absolutely super competitive. It doesn't matter what it is. They have to do it faster, better, bigger than everyone else. Their one desire is, "I'm going to do it better than you." And in the world of capitalism, it's all about competition. Competition is what makes capitalism work. It's what makes sports work. Politicians that go to the top are typically the ones that are most competitive. They want to figure out a way to do things better. There's a first place person in every office, every team. Even if the team sucks, there's somebody that's the best on that team. Then you get a new cat that comes to town. Whether it's a work environment or a team, if the new guy's competitive, he puts the guy that's higher than him as a target. He wants to beat him. This impacts everything he does - diet, work ethic, the time he comes in - everything. Why? Because he's super competitive. And eventually he'll pass the top guy up. It's simply how it is.

#2: Finish Things

Next, people that are going to be successful like to finish things. Let me explain. When working a puzzle, they can't stop until they finish the puzzle. If they play a video game, they can't help themselves; they have to finish the game. When reading a book, they have to finish it. Guys, this is a sign. When I see people that only read the first chapter or two of a book and then ask the question, "Pat, what do you think, man? I have 30 books that I've started that I haven't finished." Well, that's a sign you don't like to finish things. You like things to be given to you easy. The people that finish things always finish things. And that's a sign they're going to be successful.

#3: Circle Out-Earns Them

The next sign that someone's going to be a success is that their circle out earns them. The people they spend time with are bigger than them. It's a formula. It's not an accidental thing. That's why you'll notice that some of the people that don't achieve success always want to be around smaller people, because it makes them feel bigger. The people you meet that are super successful, they always put themselves in situations where people are bigger than them. Why? Because it's the next platform, the next level they're getting to.

#4: Mind Never Stops

Next, one way you can tell that a person is going to be successful is that their mind never stops. Listen in here for what I mean by that.

#5: Credible People See You Going Places

Another sign that someone's going to be successful is how credible people view them. Let me explain. Let's say I meet John. And John's principal, pastor, football coach, uncle, and boss all say, "This guy's going places. He's going places." If those guys gave authentic, real answers, that cat's going places. Why? Because those people have spent endless hours with him. They know his flaws and habits. They know whether or not he finishes things, if he spends time with people that are ahead of him, and how competitive he is. So if a lot of credible people say that someone's going places, that's a sign he'll be successful.

#6: Always Learning

The next sign that someone's going to be successful is that they won't stop learning. They can't stop learning. They can't help themselves. There's a desire to get better at everything. So they want to be a better student and learn more.

#7: Extremely Obsessive

And last but not least, the people that are going to be successful are extremely obsessive. If you could dissect the mind of an obsessive person, it would concern a lot of people. You might ask, "Does this person really think that way?" They do. They really do think that way. They're very good at getting what they want because they have to have it.  They're obsessed about it. And anytime they're obsessed about it, they start figuring out creative ways to get what they want. Whether it's a girl, business, position, accolades, a certain place or lifestyle they want, they'll figure out a way to get it because they're obsessive. They're just wired that way, and they have to have it.

So those are the seven signs that if you see, you can tell someone's going to be successful.

By the way, there's no 100% to any of this. No one's ever going to be 100%. But you want to be at least 70 or 80%. Because if you do this right, the majority of the time you'll put together the most incredible team in your business so you'll grow and go to different places.



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