Do You Worry in the Right Order?

So I have a question for you, do you consider yourself a “worry-er”? Not a warrior, a “worry-er.” Here’s what I mean by that. Do you catch yourself worrying about everything in life? Do you constantly ask, “What if this or that happens?” My guess is you do. How do I know that? I can speak for myself. I’ve worried a majority of my life. In this article I get into where worry comes from, and how to worry in the right order.

When you think about it, we have a misconception that worry is a bad thing. Well, I think that worrying is a gift from God. The problem is that we worry in the wrong order. I know that can sound confusing, but stay with me.

I think too often we buy something like a car out of excitement. Then we worry about how to make the car payments. Or we might buy a house because the market is good and then worry about how to make the mortgage payment.

Too often we eat something like cheesecake or ice cream because it tastes good, and then later worry about the calories. The problem is that we worry after we make the decision rather than before.

Instead, you should first worry about if you can make the car payment before you buy the car, the mortgage payment before you buy the house. You should worry about your health before eating the cheesecake or ice cream.

When raising your kids, worry about their character from the time they’re young, rather than worrying about what they do once they turn 18. They will still make mistakes, but if you raised them on the right foundation, you’ll doubt yourself a lot less.

So whether in business or other aspects of your life, if you worry in the right order, you’ll have more confidence and peace of mind.

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