11 Ways to Be More Memorable

I want you to think about a person you met in the last month that was so memorable, to this day, you remember them. Can you think about that person? I’ll give you a second. Here’s a question. What made that person so memorable? See, no matter what you do as an entrepreneur, you’ll meet a lot of different people. And you want those people, whether they’re a customer, investor, person you’re trying to recruit as an executive, to remember you. So in this video and article, I get into how to be more memorable.

How to Be More Memorable

There are two different ways to be more memorable. One of the ways is that some people are naturally memorable. They have certain gifts that make them naturally memorable. The other one is people learn how to become memorable. Today I'm going to give you 11 different things that you can do to become memorable in other people's lives.

1. Unique Style

Everybody has a unique style. Let me give you an idea about unique style. For example, Joe Jordan is a well-known guy in the insurance industry. He used to work at MetLife. Joe Jordan has a beard and always wears a bow tie and black and white shoes. Those things are what make him memorable. It doesn't matter where you see this guy, you're going to recognize him.

Some other examples of unique style are things like tattoos, your clothing style, height, body type, muscles. It could be your eyes or your voice. There's something unique about you that when people see you, and your style, which is one way to be more memorable.

By the way, everybody reading this, you have something that is your unique style. Some people say, "I'm not tall, so I can't be more memorable." What about Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise? A lot of people remember these guys and they're 5'6" or 5'7" tall.

You have to play to what makes you memorable.

2. Humor

Next is humor. People remember funny people. If I asked 100 girls, "Why did you marry your husband?" half of them say, "I just love his sense of humor. He makes me laugh."

Humor works, not just with girls. It works with human beings, period. If you can make people laugh and feel good, when they walk away, they'll remember you.

If they're with another person when you make them laugh, when they walk away, they'll have a conversation that goes like this: "That guy was pretty funny. Did you hear what he said about that one story? That was hilarious!"

So if you have a good sense of humor, people will remember you.

3. Follow Up

Listen in here for a story about how following up with people is one way to be more memorable.

4. Eye Contact

Next, make eye contact. It's a simple thing, but people like eye contact. They remember eye contact because when you look in someone's eyes, it shows you're not afraid.

5. Ask Unique Questions

The next way to be more memorable is to ask unique questions.

I got together with eight successful CEOs. Everyone was doing at least $10 million a year, and a couple of the guys were in the half a billion dollar range.

We were talking and going back and forth in the conversation. I kept asking questions to get to a certain answer. And one of the guys said, "I've never met someone that asks such unique questions." I responded, "I'm trying to get to the bottom line faster."

When you ask unique questions the person walks away thinking, "Wow, how did he think to ask that question of me? I never thought about that. I like that guy and how he thinks. It would be good to learn more about him."

When you ask unique questions, you're memorable.

6.  Interesting Perspective

Listen in here for how having an interesting perspective can help you be more memorable.

7. Pay Attention to Details

Next, pay attention to details. People leave so many signs when you talk to them. When they answer the phone you hear how they interact with a sister, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, or child. Or you'll discover it's someone's birthday. There are so many different details you'll discover when you're talking to somebody. Paying attention to details is a way to be more memorable.

8.  Your Story

Next, your story is your signature to the world. Period. Your personality is a signature to the world. Your charisma, charm, or style and your story are all your signature to the world. Only one person has it, and it's you. How you grew up, where you came from, who you were in high school, the struggles and victories you went through, and your interests are all part of your story and what help you to be more memorable. People want to know these things about you, so if you can figure out your signature, tell it in snippets.

Some people that I mentor do really well in the first three minutes of telling their story. But the moment they go beyond that, they try to brag too much. Don't talk for 35 minutes. That overloads people. It doesn't impress them because it makes it seem like you're desperate. Bring it back. Say just one, two, or three lines. If you go on and on, people will see your insecurity and get the sense you're trying to make up for your insufficiency. Your signature's enough. Find a couple of interesting things about yourself and say that. That will help you be more memorable.

9.  Take Notes on People

Next, take notes on people. Back in the day people used index cards. Today you can literally take your phone out and use the note section of your phone. Put in notes of anybody you just met. Record where you met them and details about them. Eventually your memory will improve and you'll automatically be better at remembering names and information about people. But let's say you don't. It won't matter because you'll have all that data in your notes.

10. Compliment a Lot

Next, to be more memorable, compliment people. If I'm a betting man, I'd bet that 70% of you that are watching this haven't been complimented today. Now you may say,  "Well, there's really nothing to compliment me about." Ah, that's not the real reason. People just don't compliment enough. But those who are memorable are some of the best at making other people feel good about themselves.

11. Go Out of Way to Help People

Next, ask people, "How can I help?" It's as simple as that. When I was in my early twenties and was a brand new entrepreneur and I was coming up, that's how I built relationships. I didn't know anybody. I don't come from a family that ran a restaurant, liquor store, or a dealership, nothing. No one in my lineage owns a business that I can learn from. So I said to myself that the most important thing to me is relationships. I think asked myself who were the most influential people, and how I could help them. Every time I met somebody, I had one outcome: How can I serve you? How can I help you?

It didn't matter how. For instance, someone might respond, "Hey, my son's in prison. Do you mind going and visiting him? I haven't seen him for the longest time and his heart's broken. He feels alone. He needs to talk to somebody." No problem. I'd go visit him.

"This person over here, they need a pen pal. Do you mind writing letters to them? You only need to do it once a quarter?" No problem.

"This person car's broken down over there. Can you help them?" No problem, I know somebody. Let me connect them.

Everything Comes Down to This One Thing

Everything comes down to "how can I help you?" then all of a sudden, the next thing you know, thousands were coming my way. When so much help goes out, everyone remembers.

So there you have 11 ways to be more memorable. It's not complicated. It's very simple. Anybody reading this, you can simply type all of this on an index card, put it on your phone, or on the mirror so you'll see it when you're shaving. Put it all over the place and just keep telling these things to yourself every day. Eventually you'll notice yourself doing it naturally. Then people will say, "I remember you! Oh my gosh, you're so amazing. How are you doing? How's everything?"

With that being said, if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, click on the button below to subscribe. And if you have any questions, thoughts or comments, or have other ideas for how to be more memorable, post them on the bottom. And last but not least, if you watch this and you think of somebody that's very memorable, send them this video. Tell them, "When I watched this I thought of you, because you're so memorable."




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