American Spy From Iraq Opens Up

In this interview Patrick Bet-David sits down with Hamody Jasim who was a former Iraqi soldier and American spy often refered to as the terrorist whisperer. Order the book “The Terrorist Whisperer: The Story of the Pro American” here:

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About the guest: Hamody Jasim has been one of America’s greatest weapons in fighting the terror war against AL Qaeda and ISIS. He is an Iraqi born native who grew up under the devastating oppression of Saddam’s Regime. Hamody went from being a young man, beaten every day, in Saddam’s prison, to being one of the most lethal spies in Iraq – a threat to all the terrorists in the Iraqi war. He saved many Americans’ lives by eliminating high-level Al-Qaeda and Islamic State operatives, and terrorist organizations. In 2003, once the American troops had arrived, Hamody’s impossible dream to enlist in the new Iraqi Army became a reality. He seized the opportunity to help create a new Iraq and go after the terrorists who long plagued Iraq and the rest of the world. In 2005, Hamody was recruited by U.S. Intelligence and became one of the most valuable intelligence assets inside the Iraqi MOD.

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