100,000 Subscribers Celebration Contest! (Be mentored by PBD)

Valuetainment has OFFICIALLY crossed over 100,000 subs.  This wouldn’t have happened without ANY OF YOU.  I’m personally thankful for all the loyal VALUETAINERS who follow the content and share it regularly.  You INSPIRE me to keep creating NEW and FRESH content.

Mario & Paul suggested we produce a NEW commercial for Valuetainment, FEATURING many of the MOST LOYAL fans on why they LOVE VALUETAINMENT. We decided to add a CONTEST to it and we’re doing something we’ve NEVER done before.

Three of you will be chosen to spend 3 hours with me of ONE on ONE time, in my Dallas office to go through your business plans and put a strategy together to help you have an EXPLOSIVE 2017.

How the Contest Works:


  1. Upload a public 3 Minute or less video to YouTube with the title: Why I Love Valuetainment
  2. In that video mention/answer the following:
  • What’s your name and what city or country do you watch Valuetainment from?
  • Why do you love Valuetainment? (For example: “I believe Valuetainment is the best channel for Entrepreneurs because……..)
  • What’s your favorite episode and why?
  • Who does Patrick remind you of? (Be funny) 
  • What’s your best impersonation of Patrick?
  • Why should you be chosen as one of the 3 people for the elite mentoring session?
  1. The Valuetainment team will choose the final 3 winners that are going to be invited to Dallas, Texas.
  2. Some of your answers will be FEATURED in the NEW Valuetainment commercial that will be launched in December.

*The more creative, bold, funny and different your answers are, the more likely you’ll be featured in the Valuetainment commercial.*

**By participating in this contest and uploading your video on youtube, you are giving Valuetainment permission to use your video and likeness in a future production.**

(Each participant must pay for their own flight and hotel. Must be 18 years or older to participate.)

The Prizes:



  • Three of you will be chosen to attend an elite brainstorm with PBD in Dallas, Texas. ***
  • The day of the brainstorm, Patrick will be reviewing your business plan, asking questions about your startup or company and the group will be engaged in critical thinking and masterminding.
  • You will also be a part of a live episode of Valuetainment that you can later promote to your online following in front of the popular READ bookshelf.
  • Entrepreneurs & CEO’s offer Patrick $50,000 to spend half a day with him. Three of you will have this opportunity at no cost.


  • 5 of you will be invited for a one hour webinar with PBD for a Q&A session.


  • 10 of you will receive a limited edition Valuetainment T-Shirt.


Current Submissions:

Camera Quality:


  • If you’re going to be using an iPhone or Android camera, be sure to shoot horizontally, not vertically.
  • We prefer your video shot in HD (1080p).
  • Audio is key in video so make sure to minimize background noise.



  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube by: 10/25 at 12 midnight CST.

Sample Video Submission:

(Mario does not get to participate in the contest)

We look forward to seeing all the submissions and meeting 3 of you in person.

good luck,

PBD & the Valuetainment production team


Patrick Bet-David
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