10 reasons why those who exercise make more money


As we advance through different stages of life, the motivation for exercising changes.

  1. Exercising as a baby: To learn how to walk and play.
  2. Exercising as a teenager: To make friends, gain respect amongst peers and play sports on a team.
  3. Exercising as a young adult: To impress the opposite sex and gain street credit with friends.
  4. Exercising as an adult: What for? I already know how to walk & play. I made some friends, gained some respect, played some sports, and impressed someone to marry me. Why should I work out now?

Does that sound familiar?

A new government study estimates that nearly 80% of adult Americans do no get the recommended amounts of exercise each week. If you’re wondering what they mean by recommended amounts, it’s 2.5 hours of moderate intensity aerobic exercise.

According to the US Census Bureau 20% of Americans earn over $100k per year. Isn’t it interesting how only 20% of Americans exercise a minimum of 2.5 hours a week and only 20% make over six figures.

Here are 10 reasons why exercising will help you make more money:

  1. Sharper Mind: This’ll help you come up with ideas that the other 80% of your company may not be thinking about.
  2. Better problem solver: Exercising gives you the energy to stay with problems longer until you solve it. Most get too tired and give up trying to solve the issue.
  3. Energy: Positive energy attracts positive energy and it repels negative energy. Negative energy attracts negative energy and it repels positive energy. I personally hire people with positive energy because they make the place a better place. You don’t need a degree for that.
  4. Better sex life: We don’t talk about this much but we all know how great we feel after having a great evening or morning with our partner. You feel like a rock star at work and no one knows why. And the opposite is also very obvious. Sex is a natural part of life and exercising will only amplify the experience. That confidence will help you move up.
  5. Less jealousy & envy: Someone who exercises is very comfortable in their own skin. They’re not easily threatened by someone else which makes them more comfortable to work with. This eventually leads to them becoming a leader of people. It’s very tough to work with envious people who secretly don’t like to see their peers advance.  They usually don’t make the best leaders.
  6. Better memory: Having a stronger memory will help you with relationships and with stats. Both come in handy when selling or negotiating.
  7. Stress relieve: The higher you plan on moving up in life will come with stress but
  8. More attractive: People want to do business with those who are attractive. It doesn’t mean you need to look like Brad Pitt or Rachel McAdams, but everyone can tell when someone takes care of their body.
  9. Longevity: This is very simple. Just think about athletes who end up making the most money in their career. It’s usually because they stayed healthy the longest. The healthier you stay, the more momentum you’ll create to advance your career.
  10. Sleep better: Have you ever felt like crap at work because you had very little sleep? How well do you perform when you get little sleep? We both know the answer. You’ll sleep better when you exercise, which means you’ll perform better at work.

If you’re not willing to exercise to take care of your health, then exercise to make more money.


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