Your Next 5 Moves After Getting Fired

45 million Americans have lost their job in the last 5 months, (and even more people around the world) odds are 1 in 3 of you reading this newsletter needs this message as you were recently fired and you don’t know what to do next.

First you needs to understand that there are many reasons get fired, here are a few:

  • You were fired for lack of effort
  • The project you worked on was completed
  • Technology replaced you
  • Money was tight and you were let go
  • Your hours were cut

Unless everyone in the company was let go, then there is more than just coronavirus that got you fired.

Next, there are some realities of income:

  • Your income wouldn’t drastically change the next 30-90 days
  • If you end up getting a lucky with an over paying job, odds are they will find out once you can’t deliver and you’ll get fired
  • Money is out there for people who over deliver
  • Your skills might be low paying skills, it might be a good time to change
  • Your industry may be in a decline


So you were let go, what changes have you made during the Pandemic? 

  • Gained new skills?
  • Met new contacts?
  • Gained a new expertise?
  • Changes in attitude or work ethic?
  • Learned a new technology?

Finally, I want to show you what your next five moves should be:

  1. First, identify “why you got fired?” (BE REAL)
  2. What’s the immediate solution?
  3. What is your long term solution, what changes need to be made?
  4. What new skills or contacts need to be made in order to get there?
  5. Reach out to people in the position or industry you would like to be in and learn from them.

This is a conversation more people need to have so they can make their next decision and make their dreams become reality.

This is the simple playbook to your next five moves after being fired. By the way, there are five moves for every aspect of life. Part of this mentality comes from all my life experiences and I cover these experiences in my latest book Your Next Five Moves. Buy a copy for you and another entrepreneur, email us and we will send you a free chapter. 

The point about this content and video are simple, there’s NEVER been a more important time than today to know YOUR NEXT FIVE MOVES. 

As you know, life doesn’t necessarily give you a manual so I hope these points give you an advantage and something to go by.


Patrick Bet-David


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