It Takes 7 – 10 Years to Build

Come along for a ride with me in my new BMW i8.

She’s going home with me tonight. Pretty sick. That’s a nice-looking car.

This was a First

So never in my life have I sat in a car and said, “I’m buying this car” until I met this BMW i8. This is the one from the movie Mission Impossible. In that movie, there’s one scene where Tom Cruz drives it and everybody says, “Oh my gosh, is that like a futuristic car?”

This car is known as one of the most futuristic cars on the streets. It looks like it’s a 2025 car, the stuff we used to watch in movies. When I drove it, I couldn’t believe it. We went in the streets, I took corners, I went going 90 mph on a turn, and it took it. It sticks. I’m blown away by that.

From Zero to 60 in 4 Seconds

We went on the freeway; I hit 130 mph in no time. We went from zero to 60 in roughly four seconds. And for an electric car to do that, it’s very impressive. If you do it right, you get 76 miles to the gallon. Obviously, I drive it like a sports car,  so I’m probably going to get 60 miles per gallon, which is probably the biggest miles per gallon I’ve ever gotten.

I’ve had a yellow Hummer H1; the H1 gives you a sneeze a gallon.

The Ferrari Family

I ordered this because I just placed an order on the 488 Ferrari. Buying a Ferrari is different from buying a Lamborghini. You can walk into a Lamborghini dealership and buy a Huracan or an Aventador right there on the spot. But there is no way in the world you can go buy a brand spanking new Ferrari. You have to order it unless you’ve been part of the family for a very long time. So my Ferrrari 488 is on its way.

Graduating from the Scarcity Mindset

You have to remember that I’m the guy that got a $10 allowance that was followed up by a statement about how I should handle the money. It was always fear-based, like we were going to lose everything. I grew up in a family that was all about scarcity. Now there is a positive aspect to scarcity and a negative one.  The positive thing to it is you’re always somewhat paranoid and aware of how hard you’re working for your money. But the negative thing is that sometimes you don’t get to enjoy what you buy.

The first car I bought was an Expedition.  There’s no way in the world I enjoyed it. Then I bought my Mitsubishi Eclipse in the Army, a $5300 car. It was red, twin turbo, and oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe I was driving a turbo  Mitsubishi Eclipse.

But I was so nervous driving it, because I didn’t know how to make the payments. I had financial issues and concerns.

Now it’s a completely different story. I’ve owned many different cars, from Porsches to obviously my Ferrari. You name it, I’ve had it.

It’s great to graduate to a mindset of not being scared when you’re making a purchase, because of your financial situation. You do always have to have a certain level of paranoia because you don’t want to just go out there and splurge and buy everything. But you do have to graduate from the scarcity mindset or else it will be tough to enjoy things in your life.

And you can go a million miles an hour and I’m as competitive as the next guy, but it’s good to be able to enjoy it.

It Takes 7 Years to Build

I was once working with this one guy, and when I asked him, “Hey man, what type of a house do you live in?”

He said, “I live in a 10,000 square foot house.”

I said, “Can you go show me your house?”

He said, “Oh, I can’t. ”

I said, “Why not?”

He said,” it takes seven years to build it.”

I’m like, man, this is a pretty intense house, seven years to build.

I asked, “What type of car do you drive?”

He said, “I’ve got a Ferrari.”

I said, “Oh man, I’d love for you to take me in your Ferrari.”

He said, “Yeah, but it’s special because Ferrari is building it right now. It’s going to take about seven years for them to build this Ferrari.”

I’m like, “Man, this is like insane. A Ferrari that takes seven years. . . ”

“Yeah, a limited edition, just for me.”

I’m like, “That’s unbelievable.”

I said, “Do you have a private jet?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a private jet.”

I said, “Can you take me in your private jet?”

He said, “It’s a very limited edition private yet. It will take 15 years for them to build this private jet for me.”

So I was an naive entrepreneur. I didn’t know where this guy was going with it until he finally explained it to me.

He said, “Look, in your mind keep imagining that 10,000 square foot house. In your mind keep imagining driving that Ferrari. Bust your butt for the next seven years and you can have whatever you want as an entrepreneur.”

He was absolutely right. I put my head down and got to work and the next thing you know, all those things became a reality.

My Message to You

So my message to you, is next time someone asks you what kind of a car you drive, you know what I want you to tell them? I want you to say, “I drive a Ferrari.”

Oh no way!

Oh yeah, yeah. Can I see it?

Yeah, Ferrari is building it right now; it’s going to take about seven years for them to build it.

Oh, what kind of a house do you have?

I have about a 13,000 square foot house.

Man, that’s insane, can I come and visit your house?

It’s still being built. It takes about seven years.

You got a jet? Yeah, it’s being built, it will be ready in 15 years.

Watch their reaction and then explain, and then go work your butt off until those things become a reality.

This will not be the last car I buy. I’m a capitalist. I appreciate good engineering. I love the details in this car, with the blue on the outside and the inside and the seat belts and the speed and the technology and the way it controls when you brake, it creates more electricity.

I get to park it in places where electric cars get a charge. In my building it’s perfect because the best parking spot in our building is an electrical car parking spot that’s free from the building, and it’s right in front of the elevator. I park, and then boom, I go upstairs. So that was part of buying the car as well.

This is About You

I want to make sure you understand this. As you’re watching this video, keep in mind, this is more about you than it is about me. You and I may never meet each other, ever. You and I may never have an interaction one-on-one. But you may be watching this on Valuetainment, as a fan of the content, and have your own dreams.

The goal is for you to get to the point where you no longer look to the right side of the menu because it doesn’t freak you out. The goal is to get to the point where you’re no longer worried about the price tag because you can afford it. The goal is to get to that point where you can do the things you want to do without losing sleep over it or arguing with your family members about it, or more importantly, without arguing with yourself about it.

That scarcity mindset is fine to allow you to get to the point that you want to be, but if you’re there all the time, it’s going to be very difficult for you to enjoy life.

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