A Woman’s Perspective on Dating an Entrepreneur by Jennifer Bet-David

In this video, I do something different. Today you’ll hear from my wife. Yes, my wife is going to talk to you about what it’s like to be married to an entrepreneur.

When I published the video 15 Things You Should Know Before Dating an Entrepreneur so many women messaged me and said, “Patrick, can you please make a video for the woman’s side?” And I thought, Who better than my wife to share her perspective on this topic?

I like the way she did it. At the beginning of the video she shares 12 tips for women who are dating or married to an entrepreneur, then at the end of the video she turns the tables and shares five things that entrepreneurs need to do if they want to be supported in what they’re doing.

Here are, from my wife’s perspective, 12 things women need to know when dating or married to an entrepreneur.

#1: Be Patient – 1:59

It’s important to be flexible with schedules. An entrepreneur may not always be home at the exact time he promised, and when that happens, it’s just because he’s working, and whatever he’s working on will be to your benefit as well.

Tip: Remember- When they work late, it’s to your benefit as well.

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#2: Don’t Argue in Front of Others – 2:40

If you have a challenge or something you’re having a disagreement on, have those conversations behind closed doors. There’s no problem calling someone out just so long as it’s done privately.

Tip: If you’re wrong, admit it. They will respect and trust you more.

Book recommendation: Love and Respect

#3: Be sure to listen in at 3:34 to hear my wife tell a story. . .

that happened when we were dating for just a few months that initially made her angry and frustrated.

#4: Know There Will be Peaks and Valleys – 4:34

This isn’t so much in the area of finances, though that can happen as well, but more in the mood of your partner. There will be times when your partner is going through certain challenges in their business that are really burdening them. In those times, they may seem a little –  or perhaps even a lot –  distracted at home. It may feel like it’s something you’ve done that has made them upset which isn’t the case at all.

There will also be the opposite situation where everything is great and they feel on top of the world.

Tip: Clarify where the mood is coming from.

#5: Commit to Personal Development – 5:30

Since your entrepreneur will typically be busy traveling the world or working on their business, it’s important to know how to entertain yourself by learning new things. It’s important to build your own identity so they don’t feel like they need to entertain you.

Tip: Do things that build up your own identity.

#6: Spice Up Your Intimate Life – 6:23

It’s normal to fall into a routine when you’ve been together for awhile. It’s important to get creative in your personal life. This will help prevent you or your spouse from drifting toward something other than your partner that excites you.

Tip: Make your personal time a priority

#7: Don’t Try to Control Them – 7:08

You were initially attracted to the person because of who they are, so don’t try to change them or control them because if you’re not okay with how they are, maybe this relationship isn’t the one for you anyway.

Tip: Let them do what they do best.

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#8: Listen in at 7:32 to discover something we could all do better.

Book recommendation: The 5 Love Languages

#9: Lead the Schedule – 8:13

Actually put appointments in their schedule, as if you’re booking an appointment to have a date with them. If there is a weekend getaway or important family dates you want to make sure they’re a part of, make sure it’s on the calendar.

Tip: If it’s not scheduled, it’s not happening.

#10: Listen in at 8:42 in the video to discover how to keep from losing sleep at night.

Trust me, all entrepreneurs will deal with this one!

#11: Don’t Feed into Their Anger or Frustration – 9:56

There are struggles in the life of an entrepreneur, whether that be in business or with family members. What you want to do is help them see things from the perspective of the person they’re having the problem with and do what you can to strengthen, rather than weaken the relationship.

Tip: Be a Uniter, Not a Divider

#12: Learn More About Their Business. How Can You Help and Be Involved? – 10:37

You obviously love the person you’re with, so it’s important to learn how to engage yourself into their passion and dreams.

Tip: Be supportive and engage yourself into their passions.

What Entrepreneurs Need to do to Be Supported by Their Significant Other

Jennifer ended this video by sharing a few points focused on the entrepreneur’s side of things and what they need to do if they want to be supported. You can listen in to hear Jennifer’s tips at 11:12 into the video.

Bonus tip: Sit down with your significant other and watch this video together and then discuss it.

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