Why Millionaires Get What They Want

In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about missed business opportunities. He opens by telling a story of his days as a manager at Bally Total Fitness. His team found themselves struggling to sell memberships, which led Bet-David to ask them the following question. “How many of the nearly 100 people working out right now know you by name?” They said, “About 5 people.” This led Bet-David to tell his team the big opportunity they were sitting on. They had 95 prospects they could try to spark a conversation with, which could potentially turn into a referral that could then turn into a sell. His team reluctantly dismissed the idea. However, Bet-David was determined to prove there was merit to his theory, so he spoke to every person at the gym. He sold 3 memberships that night and shortly after, his gym was selling the most memberships.
How many business opportunities are you failing to take advantage today?

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