The Most Important Appointment of the Day for Entrepreneurs

Today I want to talk to about your most important appointment of the day and no, it’s not you working out in the morning. It’s not you getting up and reading in the morning, selling your first appointment or your six o’clock breakfast meeting at a coffee shop. No, it’s none of those things.

You see, I’ve been in business since 2001/2002. During that time I’ve watched a lot of people that are smarter, better educated, and more talented than me. Many of them come from wealthier families and are better connected. I felt intimidated by them and said to myself, “There is no way in the world I can compete with any of these guys.”

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Reading Great Books Helps But. . .

I saw that these people read a lot of books, so I started reading every one of them. I read books such as Mastery, The Law of Success, and The 10X Rule, by my buddy, Grant Cardone. You can and should read great books. I've read all these books multiple times, and I don't get tired of them. But none of these things have the influence and power over your success than your most important appointment of the day.

The Most Important Appointment of the Day for Entrepreneurs

So what is the most important appointment of the day for entrepreneurs? It's your last appointment of the day.

Let me explain what I mean by your last appointment of the day. Discouragement is normal every single day your first two years as an entrepreneur. The customer said no. The broker you thought would partner with you backed out. Every day, something discouraging happens.When these discouraging things happen, your energy and willpower drops. You think it's not working out, and maybe you should get a job. Maybe you think your parents or friends who said it will never work are right, and you're out of your mind for trying.

When 100 People Tell You You're Awesome

You may have 100 people that throughout the day tell you you're awesome, special, talented, incredible, good looking, and amazing. Maybe they even say you're going to change the world. Mentors and coaches may tell you those things all day long, and the books you read may get you fired up. But if your last appointment of the day tells you that you can't do it and that you're not smart enough, those words can break you. Your last appointment of the day could be with people like your spouse, sibling, parents, or best friend.

For example, let's say you're in bed with your spouse. You had a tough day. Maybe you got into it with somebody in your office, a client, agent, boss, or supervisor. How your spouse responds during this last appointment of the day makes a difference in your success, in what you dream about all night long. They may say, "I think you should quit." And you'll wake up feeling defeated and like quitting. Or they may say something like, "Maybe they were just having a bad day. Try again tomorrow." Then boom! You go to sleep and dream good things. You wake up fired up and ready to build your business.

Be Willing to Have Strong Conversations

Chances are, when your last appointment of the day says negative things, they're trying to protect you. They don't want to hurt you. But they say these things because you allow it. And if you agree with them, you're giving them the fire, because they're just trying to make you happy.

So it's on you to take the lead and sit down and have a conversation with them to change things up. If you don't, every other day you'll be in turmoil with your business. The odds are, no matter what you do, eventually you won't make it. Your failure won't be based on the business, office, or company. It all comes down to your last appointment of the day. In my opinion, this is by far the most appointment of the day for all entrepreneurs.

So instead of picking up a book tonight, have that conversation with your friend, parents, or spouse. Let them know that when you're discouraged, they can help you see things from a different perspective. If you do, you'll see a world of difference with your business three to 12 months from now.

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