How to Really Unlock Your Full Potential as an Entrepreneur

How to Reach Your Full Potential


What does it mean when someone says “what is your full capacity?”. Is it empty motivation or is there substance to it. Patrick Bet-David believes everyone has a different level of capacity; there are achievers, under-achievers and over-achievers. Are you reaching your full potential? Are you maximizing your day? You’re about to find out.


Typically There are Three Kinds of “Achievers” in Life.


  1. The Over Achiever
    1. Someone who defies all odds and achieves something beyond expectation
  2. Achiever
    1. Someone that gets results but evidently has the capacity to achieve more. They don’t over perform to max out their gifts or talents.
  3. Under Achiever
    1. Someone who fails to even reach their basic potential


So why don’t people reach their full potential? At every level of your true capacity, you suck at the next level. Compare a middle school basketball player to a high school payer, to a college level to a player in the NBA. Every level requires a new level of performance but for a time you are not the best or at the top. Over achievers understand this and still strive to reach the top levels at every level.

“In life there are leaders and chasers. Chasers chase the leader who is going after their true capacity”.

7 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential


  1. It must matter to you
    1. To reach your capacity the desire to reach your goals and success in life should motivate and compel you to take action.
  2. Know the difference between initiating and reacting
    1. Don’t react to life, find ways to systematize it. You have to lead and take the initiative. Decide to be the leader and embrace change. Be the leader and watch people chase you.
  3. Find systems that help you think less and make you more productive.
    1. In the book Power of Habit the author says: “once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom and the responsibility to remake them. Once you understand that habits can be rebuilt, the power of habit becomes easier to grasp and the only option left is to get to work.” When you create systems, you create habits. These habits can become so reflexive that you have time to focus on priorities.
  4. Conserve your energy
    1. When you conserve energy, you can engage in higher level thinking and attack the areas of productivity. This productivity leads to increasing your capacity. You are more present in the day to day.
  5. Move on faster
    1. Too many entrepreneurs don’t reach their full potential simply because they don’t know how to move on from failure and rejection or they take too long to overcome it. Crisis is a contestant in life, the key is to make sure that you are at your best mentally and attitude wise and not try to fix others or the world.
  6. Define hard work
    1. What do you really do 60-80 hours a week? Are you really working or staying busy. Track your time and monitor what really advances your priorities. Is what you’re working on helping you reach your potential?
    2. Seek the highest return on your hour.
  7. “Compete up” and don’t be afraid
    1. Competing up refers to competing with the best version of you and moving up. Seek to beat your prior best in all areas. Increase your best income, best health, best attitude, best mentality. All of this increases your capacity in all areas.

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