How to Plan Your Workweek as an Entrepreneur

How do you get a leg up on the competition every single week? Patrick Bet-David says it’s simple, prepare on Sunday night. Very few people even consider working on Sunday but if you do these 10 things you can get ahead start on your week.

10 Things Entrepreneurs Must do Every Sunday Night to Plan for the Week

  1. To Do List

    1. This isn’t just a pick up the dry cleaning and drop the kids off type of list. Create five different categories – Business, Finance, Health, Spiritual, and Family. Break down tasks under each category so you are organized and holistic. Keep the list on your phone so it is reminding you throughout the week.
  2. Follow Up

    1. Go back through your calendar’s last 90 days to see who you need to follow up with, if there were any leaks, and add them to your to do list.
    2. Give your daily tasks a Daily Monitoring Activity Score that will add up to a weekly score. Create your own criteria for your business, so you know what you need to do each day to get a 10 out of 10 for next week.
  3. Talk to Key People

    1. Reach out to your core team and make sure they are prepared for the upcoming tasks and projects. Do it Sunday and don’t start Monday behind the eight ball.
  4. Who’s on Your Team

    1. Make a list of everyone that needs to hear from you this week from vendors, partners, executive, and clients. Also, include the type of message you want to deliver to those people. Is it about accountability or is it about updates? Then add this group to your to do list.
  5. Prepare Notes

    1. Look over your to do list and find out what trainings and meetings you have and prepare appropriately. Gather the data, finish your presentation deck, and identify whatever notes you still need before Monday starts.
  6. Send Thankful Gifts

    1. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or well wishes – figure out, using your five categories, who should be receiving a gift from you this week.
  7. Ask Family for Weekly Commitments

    1. This is critical especially if you have kids. Talk with your family to make sure you know when and where they need you during the week. The family calendar is an important part of every week.
  8. Read

    1. You must feed your mind with information on your industry. What better time than Sunday night? Read news, articles, and books to gain new knowledge you can translate into your weekly tasks.
  9. Study Data

    1. Stay on top of all your numbers today. If you are in real estate, what were your sales last month? Look at last year’s quarter versus this year. Do as much as you can so you can start the week by knowing where your business stands before anyone sets foot in the office Monday morning.
  10. Prepare Wardrobe

    1. The night before, set out what clothes you need for the following day and make it appropriate for your meetings and tasks. It will save you time and stress, so your week starts off smooth.

Next Steps: Do these 10 things every Sunday night so you can beat out 90% of your competition who take the day off. These steps will also help you find leaks in your business. Then watch the video, How to Find the Leaks in Your Business:

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