How to Overcome Insecurities as an Entrepreneur

No matter how successful you are, everyone has insecurities holding them back from achieving their dreams. So how are some people successful and you are trapped by your own insecurities?

Patrick Bet-David has identified the biggest types of insecurities that can kill dreams before they get a chance to grow. He also has ways to overcome those insecurities, so you can become successful.

What are the two types of insecurities you might be experiencing?

2 Types of Insecurities Holding You Back

  1. Physical

    1. A lot of people have a hard time seeing past how they look and believe they could look ‘better’. That creates a lack of confidence in all aspects of their lives.
  2. Emotional

    1. These insecurities really hold you back from your dreams – from how you were raised, to how you are embarrassed by the people in your life, or the lack of people in your life makes you feel alone, or even past failures.

“No one’s going to be insecurity 100% free.” –PBD

If you don’t address your insecurities, they could haunt you for the rest of your life. Let’s look at eight ways to overcome them.

8 Steps to Help You Address Your Insecurities

  1. Take Inventory

    1. Create a list of every insecurity that is holding you back and address each one with three questions: Is it true? Is it partially true? Is it absolutely wrong?
    2. After answering each of those about every insecurity, you need to apply the next questions: Can I permanently fix it? Can I partially improve it? Is there nothing I can do about it? Use these questions as a way to break down your insecurities and create an action plan to overcome them.
  2. Self-Acceptance

    1. You will have imperfections. You have to accept the insecurities you cannot change and move on, because everyone is born with different insecurities they can’t change.
  3. Forgiveness

    1. Forgiveness is about forgiving the other person for yourself, and it won’t be easy. Forgiving the other person now allows you to be forgiven by others someday in the future. You can’t move on without letting go and forgiving.
  4. Affirmations

    1. It may sound hokey, but it helps to repeat affirmations out loud every day. The more you do, the more you get into that positive mindset to overcome your insecurities. Test it, and a year from now you won’t recognize yourself.
  5. Gratitude

    1. Make another list, but this time for everything that you are grateful for. No matter how many insecurities or fears you have, you will feel at peace after doing this exercise.  
  6. Internal Value

    1. To build internal value; whether it’s emotional connections with others, growing spiritually by yourself, or building value in the marketplace, you have to be clear about how you want to grow in each area. Doing so will grow your internal strength and will help you let go of insecurities because you believe you are worth more.
  7. External Value

    1. Take the steps to address your external insecurities from how you look to how you show up in the world. Investing in your external value with a game plan will create confidence and others will take notice.
  8. Face Your Fears

    1. You need to sit down with a trusted mentor and hear the ugly truth, no matter how much it hurts, or you don’t want to hear it. Working with an honest person who knows you can cut through the fog and get to the real insecurities holding you back. Facing your fears is necessary if you are going to conquer them

Next Steps: Re-watch this video and make lists of everything thing discussed, so you can put together a game plan for overcoming your insecurities.

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