Oil Expert Exposes The HYPOCRISY Of The Environmentalists

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Paul Sankey. Paul Sankey, is a widely-followed oil analyst who was first to call for negative oil prices when COVID began impacting world markets.

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About Guest:
Paul Sankey, is a widely-followed oil analyst who was first to call for negative oil prices when COVID began impacting world markets. Among other recognized calls, Sankey tagged premium oil company EOG “The Apple of Oil”, ExxonMobil “The Big Unit”, pushed “The Diamond Age of Refining” over the past decade for US refiners, and has called for “The Renaissance” in US Exploration and Production in terms of companies reducing growth, reducing debt, and increasing cash return to shareholders. He has also styled himself an “analyst as activist” and heavily covered controversies such as Chevron vs Oxy for Anadarko, and most recently the sum-of-the-parts argument around Marathon Petroleum. Sankey started covering oil in 1990 out of Manchester University, joining the IEA in Paris, with subsequent stints at Wood Mackenzie, Deutsche Bank, Wolfe Research, and most recently Mizuho. He has ranked consistently highly or #1 in many investor surveys since his arrival on Wall Street in 2004.

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