No One Remembers Normal – 10 Memorable Customer Service Experiences

Patrick Bet-David talks about amazing customer service stories

  1. The first story is about an amazing chef that went above and beyond at Disneyland
  2. The second story about a child who lost his lego and got the most incredible response from a lego customers service employee.
  3. The third story is a very known Nordstrom story of how they accepted a tire and offered a refund all though they don’t even sell tires.
  4. The fourth story is how a Wendy’s employee went out of his way to help out an older man to get to his car during a storm.
  5. The fifth story is about a Target employee helping out a person with his tie getting ready for a job interview.
  6. The next story is a story about how Trader Joe’s delivered food on the door to an elder person all though they don’t normally offer that service.
  7. The seventh story is about how Morton’s steak house surprised a person getting off a flight with a full steak meal.
  8. The eight story is about the amazing service they provide at the Ritz Carlton and how they made a memorable vacation for a stuffed giraffe that was left behind before sending it back with some photos accompanied.
  9. The second to last story is about how Amazon sent another xbox with express shipping after a person’s package was stolen by the door right before Christmas.
  10. The last story is about how a Starbucks employee learned sign language in order to communicate with a customer.

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