The Missing Link To Modern Day Capitalism

Patrick Bet-David and Jonathan Tepper dive deep into the topic The Myth of Capitalism in this interview. Make sure to subscribe to the channel to get all the update.

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About Jonathan in his own words:

I am a founder of Variant Perception, a macroeconomic research group that caters to asset managers. With my friend and partner Turi Munthe, we founded Demotix, a citizen-journalism website and photo agency that received photographs from freelance journalists and amateurs and marketed them to the mainstream media. We sold Demotix in 2012 to Corbis, a company owned then by Bill Gates.

I’m the author of the The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition, Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle, and Code Red, a book on unconventional monetary policy. Ocassionally I speak at investment conferences (you can enquire here.)

Earlier in my career, I worked as an equity analyst at SAC Capital and as a Vice President in proprietary trading at Bank of America.

As a kid, I was a bit of a nerd. Some things don’t change very much. I earned a BA with Highest Honors in History and Honors in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a M.Litt. in Modern History from Oxford University. I am a Rhodes Scholar and am Chairman of the Rhodes Scholars in Britain.

I grew up in San Blas, a neighborhood of Madrid that had one of the highest rates of drug use in Europe. My parents started Betel International, a drug rehabilitation center that has grown from one addict in 1985 to over 2,300 addicts in 25 countries. As a child almost all my friends were heroin addicts and ex-convicts; most were HIV+ and many died of AIDS. My parents are heroes.

I love jazz, photography, learning languages, reading piles of books and drinking far too much coffee..

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