The Mental Battle of an Entrepreneur

Sometimes the life of an entrepreneur’s filled with a lot of people that will tell you things that make no sense. Which voice will you listen to?

Watch this video to discover the battle that you’ll face every single day as an entrepreneur, and how to overcome it.

Bad Voice: Here’s to another shitty day, Mr. Entrepreneur, Mr. Future Millionaire.

Good Voice: What is wrong with you? Do you wake up every single day this negative?

Bad Voice: [Sigh] Oh, man, what a day today is, huh? Mmmm. … Dude, do you want a beer?

Good Voice: It’s 7:00 in the morning.

Bad Voice: So what, man, that’s the best time of the day to drink. On an empty stomach, it’s a lot cheaper. You know, there was a study done once, saying it’s 50% cheaper to drink in the morning than in the afternoon. I’m just trying to save you some money, man.

Good Voice: Oh yeah? Who did that study?

Bad Voice: Uh, it was an extensive study done by Playboy magazine.

Good Voice: Great selection of reading material.

Bad Voice: You know, it really is. I’ve learned so much from them. I mean, the content is ridiculous. They teach you different positions, you know, different pickup lines. You should subscribe. It’s very good.

Good Voice: Yeah, I’ll pass.

Bad Voice: Whatever. It’s up to you.

Bad Voice: [cough, cough] Loser.

[Radio goes on, playing Tony Robbins.]

Happy Pat: Oh, thank you. That’s music to my ears.

Bad Voice: Wait a minute. Are we really doing to listen to this? No Kanye West? We have to sit here and listen to this Tim Robbins guy?

Good Voice: Uh, it’s Tony Robbins. Tim Robbins is an actor.

Bad Voice: Whatever, Tony, Tim, it’s the same guy. It’s the same dude that gets up and says, “Personal power! Live with passion! Get the edge!” Have you ever thought about why this guy’s so excited?

Bad Voice: He’s excited because people pay $200 to listen to this crap. I’d be excited, too.

Good Voice: [Chuckles] You know, I find you so entertaining on some of the stuff you say. Pat, you do not have to listen to what he’s telling you. Sometimes the life of an entrepreneur’s filled with a lot of people that will tell you things that make no sense. He’s definitely one of them. Just ignore him.

Bad Voice: Are you kidding me? Do I really have to sit here and listen to your bullshit you keep feeding him? Listen, every single entrepreneur that became wealthy, comes from a family that had millions of dollars to back them up. Do you think he’s got money to back him up and go out there and become successful? Stop feeding him this kind of crap, man. He’s working way too hard. The guy’s working 80 hours a week. He should be staying home and relaxing. That’s way too much work for him.

Good Voice: Oh yeah? So what would you rather have him do? Watch TV? Watch sports? Watch the news? Do all that sort of thing?

Bad Voice: Yes! Of course. That’s what normal people do. My gosh.

Good Voice: No, no. That’s what people with no purpose do.

Bad Voice: So let me get this straight. Are you trying to say that I have no purpose?

Good Voice: You may not have a purpose, but that’s not what I’m really saying. What I’m trying to tell you is, when people actually get clear about what they want in their lives, the value of time goes higher. You don’t value your time. He’s trying to value his time.

Bad Voice: [Chuckles] Look at this guy to my right. Look at the way he’s looking at me like he’s better than me, driving a red Ferrari. What are you looking at? Who would drive a red Ferrari in the first place? Drive off!

Good Voice: It’s actually a pretty nice Ferrari he’s got.

Bad Voice: You know what we should do? You know the girl we met this past weekend. What was her name? Uh, Rach. . Rachel? Um, Rochelle? Roxie! We should call Roxie right now. That’s what we should do.

Good Voice: We don’t need to do that, Pat. You got bigger and better things to do right now. Let’s just stay focused.

Bad Voice: Just stop already, man. Stop! Man, what happened to Pops when he started a business? He failed! What happened to Mom and Dad? They got a divorce! What happened to us? We lived six different places. Was it fun? Hell no, it wasn’t fun. What happened in high school to you? Did you play baseball? Did you play high school basketball? Did you get picked up for football? Did you date the girl you liked? What was your GPA? Who were you in high school? Who were you afterwards? What makes you think you are going to make it in life? You’ve got to stop selling this stuff to this guy, man. Stop it! It’s getting old! Go get that job that you let go of that was paying you twelve bucks an hour and part-time get a degree. Stop taking these damn risks. We’re not meant to do something big with our lives. Simple as that.

Good Voice: Are we done?

Bad Voice: I’m done. I’m good.

Good Voice: Okay, good. Pat, I want you to know, this voice is never going away. This voice is always going to be there, no matter how much money you’re going to make, it’s always going to be there. The great thing about it though, every morning you wake up, you have a choice on which voice to listen to. But I want you to think about a completely different thing right now.

Let’s just say you do nothing. Let’s just say that you buy into your fears. Let’s just say that you buy into every single thing you’re worried about. Let’s just say you don’t make any decisions to go after your dreams. Let’s just say you do none of that. Let’s just say that nothing ever happens. You give up on your dreams.

Fast forward 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now, 40 years from now. Let’s just say your funeral’s around the corner. You have 50 people there, 100 people there. Maybe 200 people show up. These are your friends, family and people that love you. So you’ll be loved for one generation, remembered for two generations, and forgotten after that. Is that truly the life you want to live? Is that really what you want to do? I don’t know if that’s the life you really want to live.

You see, what I’ve noticed is no matter what you do, you’ll have a lot of lonely times. You can lie to your family. You can lie to your friends. You can fool the world into realizing that why you didn’t win was because of some challenge you had to face.

But there is one person you can never lie to. And that is the man in the mirror. You can never lie to the man in the mirror. Never. For the rest of your life, the man in the mirror is going to look back at you and say, “You did not choose to go after your dreams.” And you have to be okay with that.

Now, what I would like to encourage you to do is to make the right choice. I encourage you to face your fears and pursue your dreams. Go pursue the dreams that matter the most to you. You’ve only got one shot at this thing here. And if it works out, man, it’s going to feel so good for you. And if it doesn’t, at least you had the courage to make that decision. I hope you make the right choice. I trust you will.

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Tony Robbins Audio Courtesy of "The Pursuit with Kelsey Humphreys"




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