April 2014: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Written By: Gary Vaynerchuk

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Top Review by Sharnell Jackson

Learning the various Social Media networks was somewhat challenging to say the least. By reading this book, it brought back to mind many traditional ways of marketing. I remember creating a flyer for an event and my mentor ask this question “Why do I want to come to your event instead of the event across town”. There was nothing different, no “hot buttons” as he said. In this busy world of social media we tend to just post without purpose. We post from our outlook instead of the customers. Learning to have a social media element with every interaction with my audience/consumer is a must. Gaining strategies on how to tell my story that will compel people to be interested and take action. I need to spend more time in preparation or setting up before I ask them to come to a BOM or event. Tapping into the human side or the emotional side by making them laugh, giving them an escape (post the Aspen/Dubai on facebook), feel appreciated are all calls to action. “There is no Knock out without a setup”. So I know that I have to take the time to be current on the apps, and other social media pinterest, tumbler, tweeting and so forth. Social Media has become 24/7. I have to learn how to jab all the time, every day. Talk about what they are talking about then Repeat, Repeat, Repeat….sounds familiar PDR, Practice Drill & Rehearse…lol. Therefore, I have to include Social Media into my daily time management. Until I get a social media team, I have to effectively tell my audience “Who we are & what’s our message” and keep it consistent. I have to make the person feel what we at PHP feel so that they can share that feeling with others. Which is our marketing strategy– “What’s makes PHP different a combination of 3 things: Broker, Franchise & WORD OF MOUTH/Marketing—Social Media. So keeping social networks, entertainment and utility as a checklist or standard to sending the right jabs that will land the right hook—the buy in. Jabs are about what’s valuable/important to the consumer. The Right hook what’s valuable/important to me. I use to say not another “social media” but as a baby boomer (Newton) I have to work in harmony with the Bradleys (Milleniums). Again, what makes PHP so different!

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