How to Increase Brand Awareness

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Recently I did a video titled 14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs, and several of you asked me, “Pat, can you do one on how I can increase my brand awareness of the business or whatever that is that I’m building?” Today I’m going to give you 13 different tactics on how to help you do that. Let me get right into it.



 You hear PR publicity often. “I’m a publicist. How do I get publicity?” Look, few different things you’ve got to be thinking about. People want to know what your opinions are. People want to know what you’re thinking about. Now, I’m not talking about bashing and all that other stuff, but people know what you’re thinking about. Now, so sometimes people say, “Well, I’m afraid. What if somebody disagrees?” What if they do? You may have a big audience that will agree, because think about who you follow yourself. You follow people with opinions, whether it’s sports, politics, business. No matter what it is, you want to hear people’s opinions. Well, people want to hear your opinion as well if you want to get your brand awareness out there.

How do you deliver your opinion? It’s either voice, which is podcast. Everybody with an opinion has a podcast.


Two, it’s video. Facebook, YouTube. You start making videos.


Number three is written. You have a blog and you write about what you’re thinking about. The other part is start contributing for some websites. I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve written for. Literally, if I told you some strange website I’ve written for … I had zero presence online. I started very late on the social media side. Many guys started early. I was very, very late to the social media presence. Some of the guys had a lot more edge on that, but it doesn’t matter what it is. You can always get started. Start writing. Ask to apply for Huffington Post and contribute for them. They literally have an application for you to submit to be a contributor for them.


The other part about publicity is hiring a PR rep. Sometimes as a newer person, you may not be able to afford paying somebody 2,500 bucks a month or five grand a month, or some of the guys from New York and LA, 10 grand a month. What I suggest you do, I would always tell PR reps, “Listen, if you work with me and deliver for three months, I’ll sign a long-term contract with you.” What do you mean? “I will pay you $500 per placement that’s on this list.” Great. You’re making your PR rep work. If they say no, they say no, but if somebody says yes and they do it, they place three in a month, you’re only paying them 1,500 versus $3,000 in a month. You can put them to work.


The other part that you can do as well that’s creative is to break some Guinness Book of World Records. We literally called Guinness World Record. I said, “I want to break a Guinness world record.” They said, “What do you want to break?” I said, “Well, tell me some of the things that you have online. We’re thinking about doing chess or checkers or something like that.” They said, “Well, chess has been done, but checkers you can go out there, and this is the number that you need to beat.” I said, “Great.”


We brought down somebody that did the entire thing. It was regulated. Doors were closed. We actually hold the record. We broke it February of 2014 for the most checkers players in a room. Literally, if you go type on Guinness Book of World Record and you go on YouTube, you’ll see this come up. We broke the record. Got a lot of publicity. News was there, mayors, senators. All of these other people showed up because they wanted to be part of a Guinness Book of World Record.


  • Controversy

Have a position that other people don’t have in your industry. If you’re saying what everybody else is saying in your industry, no one’s going to hear you. You’ve got to make some noise. People got to know what you’re doing. People got to know how different you are. Sometimes you’re going to say something, and all of a sudden you’ll get a loyal following that will come and say, “I agree with you.”


I wrote an article about how I don’t believe real estate is the American dream. I’ve never believed real estate is the American dream. People got upset about that. I started talking about how the life insurance industry’s mainly around white Caucasian. They’re not looking at multicultural, Hispanics, Middle Eastern, Asian, African-American. It’s mainly dominated in that marketplace. People say, “What are you saying?” I said, “Here’s what you’re looking at. Look what LIMRA report is telling us.” What are we going to do to be connected to this audience? “I disagree with you. Why are you making this about race?” I’m not making it about anything. My wife is American. I’m just telling you this market needs help. “I can’t believe he said this.” “I agree with him.” Boom. People started contacting, and then magazines within the industry wanted to hear about my controversial point on that.



Every once in a while, every once in a while, you’ve got to go for the home run. These are all singles, doubles, triples, but every once in a while, you’ve got to go for a home run to be a game changer. Look, this post is sponsored by Fiverr. I was recently approached by Fiverr and the Yankees. Fiverr and the Yankees teamed up together and they said, “Look, we want to go out there and give an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get a lot of publicity and brand awareness for themselves.” I said, “What do you guys have in mind?”


I was in Las Vegas when they called, and they started going through the whole thing. “We are mainly working with you. You’re the only channel that we’re going to be doing this on, Valuetainment, and here’s what we’re looking for.” “What is that? Tell me what it is for the entrepreneurs.” “We want to have different businesses post a 30-second video on a website about their business story, and we’re going to vote and pick businesses. Five of them will choose. The five that we choose, this is what we’re going to do for them.” I said, “What is it?”


They’ll give you four Delta Sky suite tickets for you to bring three of your peers, you and three other partners that you have. You’ll go to the suite at the Yankee Stadium in front of 54,000 fans. Your brand is going to be shown on the big stage for people to see while you’re there yourself with your three partners. Everyone’s going to see it. They’re designing that ad for you because they like your story. On top of that, Johnny Damon, who’s a two-time World Series champion, he won once with the Red Sox, he won once with the Yankees, now he’s an entrepreneur, he’ll be there with you. Then, at the same time, get $1,500 towards Fiverr where you’ll have your own personal account manager to help you take your business to the next level. You get all that stuff. I said, “You’re serious?” “Yes.”


What did I need to do? Click on the link on the video How to increase Brand Awareness. It’s in the description. Go on the link. Produce your 30-second video on a phone, on whatever it is. You’ve got to make sure it’s 30 seconds because it doesn’t go above 30 seconds. Post it. I’m one of the judges. It’s got 10 judges. We’re going to vote for it. You have to submit it before September 8th I believe, right? September 14th, winners will be chosen. September 18th is the actual game.


You’ve got to make sure you get your video in, and don’t wait till September 8th because the videos are going to be seen any minute the moment this goes out. That could be a big opportunity for this to be your home run. Imagine the videos you’re going to get, the recording you’re going to do. We’re being highlighted in the Yankee Stadium. What if you get a chance of being selected for one of these? You’re hanging out with Johnny and all this other stuff. Every once in a while, you got to go for your home run. This could be one of the ones for you to be a game changer.



Cross-pollinate. You got a business, so you’ll go to another guy and say, “Why don’t we figure out a way to cross-pollinate so I bring clients to you and you bring clients to me? What can we do here? How can we collaborate together?” There’s a lot of great partnerships out there that you can have.



I can tell you this, for me, probably played the biggest role in helping my business go to the next level. Matter of fact, I can guarantee you it’s number one on the list. Let me explain to you why. Influencer marketing. I got started early on as a financial advisor. I’m cold calling everybody. No one’s listening to me. I’m a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter guy. No one is listening to me. I have nothing going on. I’m calling people with money on all these things. No one is willing to listen.


Finally I got one believer. I sat down with him. He says, “You’re a new broker. I don’t believe you’re going to stick around.” He’s a $20 million guy. I kept impressing him, impressing him, impressing him, impressing him. The moment he bought into it, he bought from me, then he told all his high influencers to do business with me. Then I started getting bigger accounts. I have one influencer that I had a relationship with who introduced me to Tom who introduced me to our biggest broker that we have in our firm right now. One influencer that did that.


I started having many centers of influence meetings. I set up 20 of them. These are 20 people with a lot of credibility. I would have meetings with them every quarter. I would send them books, send them gifts, send them different things after I was done meeting with them, and it was always about establishing a relationship with them. Eventually they gave so much business because I helped them out, things started growing. That’s direct. These are people I directly built a relationship with.


Some of the ones may be indirect. You’ve got people online that may be willing to work with you. You’ve got some people online you’ll approach. Nowadays it’s so easy to approach somebody. If you send a message to somebody that has 40 … “I’m going to go out to Kardashian, and they got 95 million followers on Twitter.” If you go to somebody who has 128,000 followers, maybe a little bit higher chances of them willing to do something with you. 69,000 followers, 220,000 followers, 7.9 million followers, it may be too early for you to do that. Centers of influence. Influencer marketing can do a lot for you.


Nowadays they’re making movies with Instagram accounts. Who’s a girl or a guy that has a lot of followers? 2.9 million followers. They’re taking seven of them, total 20 million followers, and they’re making a movie. Instantly these Instagram influencers are saying, “Go. I’m in this movie. Go and watch this. I’m in this movie.” The movie’s blown up and the budget was only $800,000 or a million dollars or two million dollars. They don’t have to give a $22 million contract to a Will Smith or a $36 million contract to Johnny Depp. They don’t have to do that. They can get these Instagram guys to get them going.


In business, you’ll see a lot of guys. My friend Kelly Nishimoto who used to be on Valuetainment, she would talk about how her and I sat down one time, says, “How do I do this?” I said, “Go find the hottest girls that have nice butts, and this is your brand. Cute Booty is your brand. Bring them a ton of supply. Give them stuff. Record a video. Make a picture of them. That’ll get out to their audience they did that.” You can do this so many ways. It’s so easy nowadays, if you have a tangible product, to do that today, more than ever before.



Let me explain to you what I mean by wow experiences. Okay. Perfect. Let me just show you something that happens to be so random. I’m walking away from the camera, but I’ll tell you this. We’re in Vegas. I’m out. This has nothing to do with anything. My wife starts telling me how she likes this specific ring. Okay. The ring was different. I said, “What do you mean it’s different?” “Well, I wouldn’t mind if it’s slightly different.” I don’t know if I’m going to zoom in, so don’t … It’s going to be fine. Here’s the ring, right? By the way, check this out. You open it up, boom, a light goes off. How cool is that, right? I said, “I like this ring. I want that blue stone. I want the diamonds. I want this, I want that.” I said, “Okay. I’m going to get it.” She has no idea it’s sitting here. By the way, she has not seen this post. That means I have to give it to her in the next few days because it has to go out, right?


Wow experiences for everybody around you. This is family. You can do this with customers. Surprise them. Find out when their birthday is, their anniversary. Send them strange, funny gifts. Come out of nowhere, an emotional moment. Introduce two people, a friend they haven’t seen. Set up different things. Set up a three-way conference call and say, “Guess who I have on the call? I wanted to call.” There are so many ways for you to have wow experiences. You just have to pay attention to signs and say, “What if I do this? That will put a smile on his face, on her face, on their face, on this company’s face, on this client’s face. Let me make them feel good about it,” and people all of a sudden start telling that story to other people and say, “Man, that guy didn’t do it for me. This guy did it for me.” You can do that all the time.


We were at a restaurant last week when I was doing business with Oscar De La Hoya. We were at a restaurant last week, maybe last week, two weeks ago in LA. I go to this restaurant. They got 13,000 reviews on Yelp, four stars. It’s very, very well known in downtown LA. I say, “I need to see your manager right now.” The waitress gets uncomfortable and they go. I say, “I need to see the general manager right now.” She walks away.


Everybody starts looking at this general manager walking up to me. I say, “What’s your name?” He says, “John.” Suited up. Beautiful place. I say, “John, I just want to tell you something.” “What’s that?” “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but the service here is amazing. I’m so impressed by this service here. Jenny here was flawless. I’ve never seen somebody serve the way she did. She paid attention to everything. She brought the refills. I never once had to ask about it. It’s very obvious what you guys do is a flawless job.”


You see him go like this, “Are you serious?” I said, “Yes.” He says, “I thought you were about to complain, because that’s all we get.” I said, “I know you get all the time, but I just wanted to tell you whatever you’re doing, I’m taking notice of it. Keep it up. It’s awesome.” Then he went back. They came back. They didn’t want to take the money. I said, “No. I’m not here to tell you that. I just want you to know wow. Great experience.” You can do it for everybody all the time.


  • Establish a unique personality

You can have characters. There’s a lot of different ways you can do it. Progressive has Flo. Old Spice has that one guy that you don’t see it here and now look up, look below, you wish you saw it. All this stuff. You can have that guy. The Verizon guy who’s now a Sprint guy or a T-Mobile guy. He’s hilarious, right? Where people recognize them, there’s a lot of marketing being done with the personality side. This is a hit and miss, just so you know that. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t work.



  • Referral programs

Affiliate. There are many ways to create affiliate programs. You give me a motivation to do that. By the way, it doesn’t always work, and if you overdo it, it devalues your product, but it works if you do it every once in a while. Don’t just count on this all the time.


  • Social media contest

“Vote for this.” “Do a tag for this.” “Tag somebody or choose somebody this.” “First person that comments this.” “First person that answers this, we’re going to give this away.” There’s so many Instagram contests. Twitter, you can do the voting thing. There’s so many different ways to do social media contests nowadays.



Spend $50,000, $30,000, $10,000. Pay your research firm. Let them do it for you. Then, from there, explain it to them that this is done by your company. Everybody says, “Oh my gosh. This is so great. It was done by this company. Yes. Let us share this research with you.” Infographics, studies, polls. All of these things that companies do, you can create this, and your brand is on it. Everybody within your industry shares that knowing your brand is all over the place because you did that study. Brings you a lot of credibility.


Giveaways. “Hey, go tag three people. I’ll give you this.” “Hey, go share this and we’ll give you this.” “Hey, go and tell this story.” “Post a video and we’ll do this.” There’s a lot of different giveaways to be given away.


Let me explain what I mean by hashtags. If you go to Insta, the hashtag Insta, I think it’s a couple hundred million tags, if not 50 million tags, right? If you go look for hashtag lifestyle, all over the place, millions of people use that hashtag. Don’t use those hashtags. I’m talking niche hashtags, niche to your city, niche. If you’re in a city that nobody else knows … Glendale. Glendale is only Glendale, Arizona or Glendale, California, but that’s a niche, so anybody in Glendale, they’re on their phone, they’re going through hashtags, and you pop up. Look for niche. A product like finance, forget finance, go life insurance. Real estate, talk REO short sale. Whatever it is. Flipping properties, it’s niche. Then, tag those, like those, communicate with those, comment on those, and you’re following that small community. Don’t be too general. Very specific hashtags.


  • Exclusive offers.

Exclusive offers, time sensitive, where you say, “In the next 24 hours, if you do XYZ,” traffic. Everybody goes to it. “By end of the week, I’m going to choose this.” Everybody goes to it. Again, this one here and the affiliate program, those two, you can overdo it. You overdo it, it loses value and nobody responds to it.


I sometimes get an email from different websites or people I have subscribed to, just see their emails, and it’s offers every day. It’s too much. I no longer even listen to it. I unsubscribe because it’s too much. Some people disagree with what I’m telling you. I’m just telling you for me, brand awareness. If you’re just looking on me as a sale all the flipping time, you’re going to lose me. I need you to understand there’s a relationship. Educate me. Give me value. Entertain me. Give me a wow factor and then make an offer to me that I’m willing to buy from you.


Having said all of these things, these 13 different brand awareness ones, if you have a way that you do yourself that I didn’t cover with you, let us know. If one of these ways we covered with you got a question about, comment on the bottom. Last but not least, if you haven’t yet gone to the website with Fiverr to be part of the game changer contest, the collaboration between Fiverr, Valuetainment, and the Yankees, go check it out. Go post your 30-second video and then share it. Get as many people to vote for it as possible so you can participate in the game changer contest with Fiverr and the Yankees. 

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