I’m 100% Serious

Tag President Obama and President Trump on all social media platforms to help make this happen. #reUnitedStates I love America. Maybe because I wasn’t born here, I have an even greater appreciation for the freedom and opportunity this incredible country offers. I know that worry is a useless emotion, so when I found myself worrying about how divided America is right now, I had to take action. Getting two former presidents together for a civil discourse will send a powerful message to the rest of the world. My proposition: $5 million to Barack Obama and Donald Trump to make this a reality. Each former president can do whatever they choose with their $2.5 million. I consider $5 million as a small price to pay to be a catalyst to unite the country I love. Watch the video and spread the message, as I believe our country’s future depends on it. Let’s make the future look bright for the next generation. – Patrick Bet-David

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