How to Plan Your Next 15 Moves as an Entrepreneur

How to Plan Your Next 15 Moves as an Entrepreneur



How to plot your next 15 moves


  1. Massive Life Goals
    1. Make a list of them
    2. Eliminate what you can live without.
    3. Identify the top 5 things you can’t live without.
    4. List them by sequence not by desire
      • Which leads into which
  2. Who’s life do you want to model?
    1. List names
    2. Study the route they took
      • Who did they shadow?
      • What route did they take with their first 15 moves
      • Who was in their ear?
      • Strength/weaknesses
      • Biggest fall
      • Biggest victory
  3. What emotion does it produce when you visualize the goals?
  4. What you Need:
    • People:
      • Shadow
      • Customers
      • Advisors
      • Believers
      • Enemies
    • Skills:

      • People
      • Sales
      • Negotiation
      • Networking
      • Social media
      • Marketing
    • Tools
  • Mindset:
    • Start/stop
    • Thicker skin
  • Resources:
    • $
    • Contacts

5. Vehicle to get there:

      • Arnold Used bodybuilding
      • Rock used football + wrestling

6. Potential threats

    • Marrying the wrong person
    • Competition
    • Success
    • Running out of $
    • Getting bored
    • Wrong people in your ear
    • Forgetting where you came from


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