How to Multitask & Automate New Habits

Valuetainment Episode #131-

Is it better to multitask or focus on one thing at a time? Patrick discusses how to multitask like high level entrepreneurs and how to create new habits for you and your organization.

The Power of Habit: by Charles Duhigg as mentioned by Patrick in this episode.


1:10 – The best thing I read about creating habits
3:04 – A basketball example to explain multitasking
6:53 – How to create new habits
9:24 – What are bad habits?
11:54 – The best way to gauge the habits of an organization
13:21 – How to create new habits in your organization
18:16 – Will Power, the secret ingredient to keeping newly created habits
22:19 – I set a goal and hit it, so I bought a Harley
23:23 – The one thing that those who build an empire do well
24:00 – Recap. What do you work on next?

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