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Recently I was on a flight back from LA and this flight attendant in his early sixties came up and asked me “how do you measure success?” This was a great question that stuck with me and so I decided to make a video on the topic.

The way I view success, maybe slightly different, let me explain to what I mean by this. You see in sports there’s a lot of people that they call triathletes or this person like Deion Sanders who played football and baseball. Brian Jordan and Bo Jackson did both baseball and football as well.

In Hollywood they are called triple threats, Justin Timberlake could dance, sing and act. J-Lo and Beyoncé are triple threats as well. If you look at Dwayne Johnson he might not be your typical triple threat, but he does act and he sang in the movie “Moana”, he went all the way up wrestling, he is an excellent business man with the work he is doing with Under armor, as well as he maintains his high intensity workout routine that’s more demanding than what most athletes go through. The Rock is the most recognized face on the earth with 56% of the world’s population recognizing his face. But there is more to measuring success than just that. Relationships and family also play a part in measuring success. You can have someone who is doing good in business making a lot of money, but they have a miserable personal life with a spouse that doesn’t like them and kids who are doing their best to avoid them, this is not a successful person. Then you have a couple that have an amazing marriage where they have been married for 30 years happily and three fabulous kids, but they are dead broke, are these people successful then?

Measuring success is not one dimensional, it’s multi-dimensional. The common mistake people do when measuring success is that they measure their success to others failure. If you have a successful marriage, it’s easy to measure yourself against someone who has been divorced and measure yourself a success. If you’re the richest person in your friend group it is easy to measure yourself a success given that you’re the one with most money, even if you’re the only one that doesn’t have a husband and wife.

Challenge yourself to become a triple treat in your own life. There isn’t enough time for a human being to master everything, but at least we can get good at some things in life. You need to challenge yourself on the areas of your life that you aren’t as successful in. Maybe if you have a great family and a good job but you’re overweight. Or you have a great family and you’re healthy but your career has stagnated over the last few years. Challenge yourself to improve in an area where you know you could be stronger if you put in the hard work.

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