How to Find a Mentor- Q & A

Patrick decided to bring a few successful individuals that he’s mentored to share their thoughts on How to Find and Keep A Mentor by asking key questions that pertain to all entrepreneurs. Please watch, learn and share.

Questions in this video:

1. How Do You Find a Mentor?
2:00 (Jorge Pelayo)
3:00 (Jose Gaytan)

2. What are some difficulties about having a strong mentor?
4:16 (Jose Gaytan)
4:46 (Jorge Pelayo)

3. Was there ever a time where you had a breaking point and you wanted to give up?
6:03 (Jorge Pelayo)

4. What is the mindset of someone who is willing to take coaching from a mentor?
7:35 (Jose Gaytan)

5. Do entrepreneurs experience breaking points?
8:30 (Jose Gaytan)
9:39 (Jorge Pelayo)

6. How should entrepreneurs manage their focus when close friends and family are being negative or challenge your goals and ambitions?
10:29 (Jorge Pelayo)

7. What are some of the victories you’ve had as an entrepreneur?
11:29 (Jorge Pelayo)
12:48 (Jose Gaytan)

8. Did you ever have a vision board or dream of this kind of success before you had it?
14:23 (Jorge Pelayo)
15:17 (Jose Gaytan)
16:11- Jorge Shares his Vision Board

9. How big of a role have books played in your life?
19:23 (Jose Gaytan)
Book Recommendation: Outwitting The Devil:
20:28 (Jorge Pelayo)
Book Recommendation: Power of Positive Thinking:

10. What is a point in your life where you had a major breakthrough?
22:17 (Jose Gaytan)
23:16 (Jorge Pelayo)

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