How to Get the Best Out of Your Sales Force

How to Get the Best Out of Your Sales Force

Whether you’re in sales, you’re on a sales team, or you’re a business owner that’s dealing with a sales squad, today’s video’s for you. In the evolution of business, you’re gonna go through these four steps.

  1. Employee to sales person.
  2. Sales person to sales manager/leader.
  3. Sales manager to business owner.
  4. As a business owner, you become CEO.

However, always remember that just like back in the days such as 60’s, 70’s, nobody went to the top of a company without learning how to sell. I want you to take that approach for yourself, your business and your company.

So what is this secret to scaling your sales force or your sales team? I will discuss that as we go but first, you should know the difference between motivation and inspiration.

  • Motivation is temporary enthusiasm.
  • Inspirational is long-term enthusiasm.

Both of them have a problem, and here’s where the secret comes in. Imagine you’re sitting there and someone’s saying, “You can do it. You’re amazing. Go get ’em, Go.” All this stuff, we would be like “oh my I feel so good. I feel so … I can’t wait to go home and do … I don’t know what to do when I go home.” That’s how a motivational speaker makes you feel.

The inspirational speaker sounds like this, “we are gonna go out there and make a difference. We are gonna do this … and we feel like “Oh my gosh, I wanna make a difference … I wanna go out there be part of this long term but man, what do I do to make money and win?

It’s at this point that you realize something is missing. It is in this stagnant phase of business drivers learn how to get people to get results so they stick around with the inspiration to get to where they need to get to. Lets talk about how great sales leaders and great entrepreneurs to run their sales team.

#1. You gotta have “moral authority”.

  • What is “moral authority”? You gotta be somebody that I’m willing to give you permission to drive me. I’s not the other way around, you can’t be a boss.  What is “moral authority?” You direct them on what to do. Here is what I’m directing you how to do, Bobby. The individual needs to be coachable and you need to be an example.You can’t direct somebody and drive somebody without being honest. Sometimes, motivational speakers and sometimes inspirational speakers, all they wanna do is make sure everybody feels good. You can’t just have an environment where everybody’s just feeling good all the time. It’s like being a high all the time but no one’s moving. I’m in same exact place.
  • A driver is gonna say, “Listen, let me simplify it for you. You’re pretty bad on the phones and if you go like this on the phones, you’re never gonna make it in sales. What do you wanna do? You’re horrible on the phones. Yeah you can be good ’cause I saw some of the things you said it was good but right now we gotta learn to script. Come sit in front of me. Let’s go through it together”.

“Hey, let me tell you something over here. Your work ethic, if you go like this, nothing’s gonna be happening ’cause I see your suspect every one summer, you show up when you feel like it. If it rains you don’t come to the office. If it snows, you have an excuse. If a car breaks, every single day your car breaks, something’s going on that I can’t help you with that.” So you gotta be willing to be honest, the driver.So you as a sales person that wants to build a sales team, you gotta learn how to be a sales leader.

#2. Picking the right person to drive.

You get judged your entire life. You and I get judged based on who we pick. We get judged on how we read people. We get judged on intuition of our friends, of our girlfriend, of our spouse, of our career, of the place we live, of the place we build, of every single thing, you’re judged on who you pick. So, in the role of sales leadership, you’re not gonna pick everybody and say “I want everybody to be successful.” You sound like motivational speaker to me. “I want everybody to go out there and …” Great! Motivate and inspire but you got the one guy that wants it more than everybody else and he’s willing to work 70 hours a week. These other guys don’t want to work 70. They want to go to the night pub on Friday night and Saturday night. I don’t have time for that. I wanna work with this competitor, build him up. That’s who I wanna work with.

A Story about Abraham Lincoln: 

Lincoln, many, many years ago, he sit in there and he’s like, “listen, I need one general who was not afraid to go to battle.” So he assigns the responsibility to guy name general McClellan. Many times in America, we go to different roads, you’ll see McClellan avenue. McClellan Boulevard. McClellan suite. Why is that? It’s after this general named McClellan, McClellan had one thing that he was very known for. His soldiers were by far the best trained soldiers out of all the generals he had. But there was one problem with his soldiers. McClellan never thought he was ready to go to war. It was always not the right time to go to war. He would always hesitate. He was a little bit too paranoid to go to war and go to battle because in his mind all he could think about what was “what-ifs”.

Lincoln who some say was the greatest president of all time in America, brings a guy named Ulysses Grant. Grant says, “what do you want me to do?” “I want you to go in this war … 90 days,” Lincoln, “can’t get a hold of Grant” You know what Grant does 90 days later? He wins the war. Do you know what happens to Grant? He becomes a president, a two term president. I don’t know if he was a good one or not but the point is Lincoln gets credit for picking Grant. Grant gets credit for having the guts that McClellan didn’t have to go to war and say “what do you guys wanna do? We are winning this war here, did you guys hear me? We’re, we’re doing this.” That’s your driver!

Lincoln picked the right sales guy. He found him, had the moral authority to lead him and then he drove him towards success and ultimately, towards the premier seat at The White House as leader of the free world. 


#3. Know what people are driven by.

What are people driven by? I saw a sales meeting the other day. This guy gets up, the audience is filled with 60, 70 year olds. This is how he closes his meeting:

“Can you imagine, if one day, you’re driving a Ferrari and you go into the beach and you are at this house and hear the wave and you’re so soothing. It’s like you are at a spa. It’s amazing.” And the 60, 70 year olds are like “is this guy … I need my medicine. What is … what is this guy talking about? Now, I wanna retire.” I just lost 300,000 hours. Speak my language. What are people driven by?

Then you got the flip side. A guy sitting with a room of 20 year old, 25 year old sales people that want to run through the wall and go rock the house. And the speaker, “Can you imagine, one day, being able to retire. And you go into golf course and you got the best coach and you have the swing and the handy cap is so impressive.” And these 20, 25 year olds are like “dude, I don’t care about golf. I don’t even wanna think about retiring. I’m never gonna retire. What can you give me now?”

The language you speak to the audience based on who you are driving would dictate also how you can get the best out of people so what languages do people respond to?

The 5 Languages that sales people respond to:

  •  Survival

I started in sales, purely survival. Parents got a divorce, my dad’s at a 99 cents store, I get out of military, my mom’s back in Iran, we don’t have a place to live. I don’t know anything. Nothing. I got nothing to my name. It’s all survival. I work at valleys so I can survive to pay the bills so my dad will stop having heart attack since he’s stressed out trying to support everybody and I can make this money so I can take care of the family, stress is gonna be lower, I wanna pay off my credit card debt because I’m so stressed out. I’m at the survival mode at that time.

  • Status

What is “status mode?” I wanna buy some nice cars to impress everybody. I screw it up, I lost. I went from Expedition to a Ford Focus and I went out there, now to king the guide up, put all these guys in my car and we go party together all this so we go to New Port, LA, Hollywood, San Diego, Orange County, you name all these clubs and I’ve been to every single one of them. From ’99 to 2003. I’ve been to all of them. If you’ve gone there we probably ran into each other. 

  • Freedom

Freedom was, I wanna become financially free and once I learn that and then it was purpose/history, then that was the higher level. So you need to know at what level people are at. You won’t know this until you talk to them and keep asking them “why.” Then you realize this so what are people driven by? Here is another thing people are driven by. Some people are not driven by lifestyle. Some people can ca-careless about cars. Some people can careless about watches. I’m not a watch guy. I like cars ’cause I like ingenuity but I’m not a watch guy myself. I’m not a big watch guy myself.

But some people are driven by competition. Some people are driven by competition. They just want to kill the other guy.

“You’re trying to tell me that guy think he’s better than me? “

“Yeah, he thinks he is better than you.”

“I wanna kill him.”

“Who’s the top sales person in the office?”

“It’s this guy.”

“He is ? OK. What did he do last month? What do I need to do?”

He comes in earlier, he leaves later ’cause he wants to be number one. So he’s competitive and the other guy is driven by breaking record. So and so record here, for such and such. I wanna break all the records. What are the records, I wanna break the records. Every single record, I wanna break all the records. Somewhat competitive but it’s about, you know, I wanna do something that’s never been done before.

  • Cause

Hey, what is a cause? What we’re doing here will gonna be able to raise a million dollars so we can go back and build homes and do such and such. What we are doing here will gonna be able to make a lot of money so we can build homes to help people out. What we’re doing here, we gonna be able to teach the spirit of capitalism and free enterprise, to millions of people around the world said, “they realize the person out there that just like DVD, he was nothing, he was small, he had nothing going on, no example, mom and dad, they are trying to figure out their own lives. I’m a little kid and I realize that the world of, world of capitalism, a regular average guy like me can rise up and say “boom! Let’s go get ’em baby. If you got a dream.” Let’s go get them if we got a dream.

Now why should I fight for this cause? Person says, let’s just say I bind to this cause. Your job as the leader with moral authority, your job is to show the sales person, if we go and fight this cause, you, individually will get “XYZ” and you wouldn’t win for yourself and collectively we’ll do something that’s never been done before. That’s a language you speak to people but I need to also know what’s gonna happen to my life. Not just the collective effort.

“Will my dreams become a reality?”

“Yes, it will.”

  • Enemy

Who’s the enemy? Everyone’s got an enemy. You better believe, I’ve got an enemies. Not just enemies, uh, you know, people that see me as target. Enemies. I have good memory and some of my enemies call it entertainment. I got a very good memory and I remember names. I have enemies, everybody has enemies. What is an enemy to you? An enemy could’ve been a school teacher. An enemy could’ve been a spirit in you that you’re trying to get rid of that’s holding you back. An enemy could be a small thing inside of you. An enemy could be somebody that’s you. That’s within here. What is the enemy? An enemy could be a target. An enemy could be a lot of different things.

So how you gonna drive somebody that’s not wired by that. There were certain kids in high school that I wanted to fight one on one.


Popovich, Riley, MLK, Presidents, leaders, Generals, CEOs, Hollywoods, you talk to Hollywood actors when they were working under a director that’s said “boom!” said something to ’em and he got emotional, he got into this role, he started crying. And you and I watch the movie for like “oh my gosh, what an incredible actor.” You don’t know what the director fed that actor’s mind during that moment, which he said “Come here. That was bad take, let me tell you. Do you remember that one time, has this ever happen to you? Tell me about your mom. Tell me about your dad. Tell me about this. Tell me about that. Do you remember that moment? Yeah. How did it feel when that person talk to your mom like that? How did it feel when that person talk to you dad like that? I wanna see that feeling on the camera right now. Go think about it right now. Show it to me, I wanna feel it.”

The actor is in tears. He goes in a moment, he comes out. Boom! Then you and I see an Oscar winner. It’s because, dire, director drove somebody. That’s what it is. So after this here, once we figure this part out, I think number four is here.

#4. Learning how to drive.

You tie the reasons to result in a deadline. Here is what I want. I wanna make $800 for my mom. You need to do “xyz” amount of calls, knocking doors, uh, whatever you wanna call the activity in your business and you need to do this many every single day, every single week for the next three months and if you do it every single day, every single week deadline, every day deadline, every week deadline, 12 week deadline, one month, if you do this, 90 days from there, they are gonna make this.

And your mom will never worry about the $800 a month, because you’ve learned how to make that money, give it to your mom, every single month and she looks at you saying “That’s my son, I’m proud of you, baby. I’m proud of you, baby.” 

Tie their reasons to result and a deadline and Break it down by size bites.




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