Every University’s Worst Nightmare

Every University’s Worst Nightmare

I’m going to share with you six reasons why Google, Apple and many other companies may be every single dean, president and chancellor’s worst nightmare.

Recently Business Insider published an article about the fact that Apple and Google no longer require a four-year degree to apply for positions. They are not the only ones, IBM, Bank of America, Netflix and many other companies are joining them. Now, think about all these universities that pitch this idea to parents across the country, “The reason why you’re sending your kid to our school and spending $200,000 is because we have the highest percentage of hiring people at Apple, Google, IBM, BOA. That’s why you put your kids through our school because we guarantee a good job.” Those days have changed.

By the way, it’s a pretty scary time right now for universities. They are literally shivering. If what I’m proposing actually takes place, things are going to dramatically change with the educational system in the next decade. Let me get right into it.

1. Speed is Every Single Colleges’ and Universities’ Worst Nightmare

Things are changing so fast right now and it has everybody worried. Speed isn’t a good thing for universities and colleges. Think about it this way, who do you think finds out first that things are changing, universities or companies? First its companies then its universities. So, who pivots first? Companies. These companies starting say, why are we waiting on education to pivot to meet our needs? We can pivot and not have to wait for them. They are slowing us down. They’re not teaching this stuff we want because they cannot catch up with the current speed that the marketplace is going. These guys are getting killed simply due to speed

2. Memory is No Longer Needed

Today memory is no longer is as important as it used to be. You want to know why? Technology. There used to be a time that everybody had that smart uncle, cousin, or relative. Who remembers Who Wants to be a Millionaire? One of the life lines was phone a friend and you would call your smart uncle. “Uncle John, hey, who was the 23rd president of United States?”

3. A computer science degree will be obsolete in 3 years

If you ask Siri, who was the 23rd president of United States of America?’ She can quickly tell you the answer is Benjamin Harrison from March 4th, 1889 to March 4th, 1893.

4. Teachers Need to go to School.

Not just high school but they need to go to graduate school as well. Teachers are outdated. Take for example a business teacher who received their degree in 1988. That’s an outdated degree today.

Now, somebody may say, all teachers do is teach the curriculum the university hands them. That curriculum comes from a long process. Some company reps tell universities that their curriculum is outdated so the university develops a new one to reflect the market. But then they must get it approved by the state. Then after tweaks and approvals the new curriculum finally lands in the hands of the teachers 18 months later. It’s already outdated by then. So, teachers go back to school to learn new skills to teach the next generation but that takes years.

We sent a couple of our guys to Wharton business school two weeks ago. One of the professors was lecturing about digital media and this is his opening, “Listen, I just want to let everybody know what I’m about to share with you right now about digital media, some of this stuff may be outdated and you guys may know more than I do, but don’t judge me. Let me just share with you what I learned today.”

Wait a minute, let me get this straight. We are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for you to teach our guys outdated material that you haven’t updated yet? “Well, it’s really about the other students you meet and the people you connect with.” Companies are starting to realize teachers are outdated and their curriculums are outdated because universities are just moving way too slow.

5. Companies Train You to Specialize on a Skillset

I asked one of our guys today who got an MFA, “What do you remember learning over the six to eight years you spent in school earning that degree? And what did you learn that you still use today?” He said he didn’t remember what he learned, and he could think of one thing he uses today from his time earning his degree.

Companies in the past said they don’t have to teach you new skills because things are moving so quickly. Then a few companies stopped and realized they were waiting four to eight years for you to learn new skills from universities. The smart companies stopped waiting, created their own programming, and started training new hires in specific skill sets that are going to take three to six months to complete.

That saves them time and they’re controlling what’s being taught to the students and employees. Rather than generalizing, companies are starting to realize they need to take charge of specializing because they can no longer wait on universities.

6. Companies are Starting Their Own Universities

This is so scary. I can’t even describe to you. Every college and university of is going to sit there and say, “What do you mean companies are starting their own universities.” McDonald’s University is a perfect example. Every one of these major companies now have universities and guess who their professors are? Employees who work there, who are crafting a curriculum based on what the market is like today. Not based on what the world was like 20 years ago. Employees are going to university at Google, IBM, and Apple, to learn what the marketplace demands today, and they are gaining an edge over all the traditional universities out there.

7. These Big Companies are Controlling the Narrative

They are controlling how their employees think and see things. When you go to college, what happens? They brainwash you into believing how amazing the university is so you become a booster and contribute money for the rest of your life.

These companies are saying, wait a minute, if we’re letting these kids being brainwashed about school, why don’t we brainwash them on how great of a company we are? We’ve actually made an impact. We’ve actually made new patents. We’ve actually made products. We can actually create a jobs. We actually changed the world. They are doing the same exact thing as all of these major universities nationwide.

Speed becomes the number one enemy for every single college and university. Now consider this, back in 1991 all of us had to buy an all weather personal stereo, an am/fm clock radio, a micro thin calculator, a computer, a VHS Camcorder, a cellular phone, a portable CD player, a phone answering machine, a cassette tape recorder. If you add all of those items up in today’s money you would have to spend $5,100. Now you can get all of those products in one smartphone. This one phone has it all. Colleges and universities wake up every morning wishing this was never invented. Companies can no longer count on the slow speed of universities, so they have to control the narrative.

These companies don’t want to hope and wait for you to get hard skills like programming or coding. It is better to find people with soft skills like problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork and teach the hard skills as needed. A lot of these soft skills you can pick up if you played high school sports. Why do I need somebody to go to a four-year degree? Give us a 18 or 19 year old and we’ll train them.

If you’re watching this video saying, “Pat, if anything you were saying is right, these colleges and universities ought to be frightened.” This is not even the end of it. This is just something for you to be thinking about. I can come up with 30 points about why these companies are no longer waiting for you to get a degree.

The video I want you to watch next became so controversial. We got so many different emails from universities from around the world from this one video. They said if half of this stuff about the educational system is true, it better change quickly before we witness one of the biggest disruptions in any industry. So click here to watch the video titled Biggest Scam in America. If you have any thoughts, comment below. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, click on the subscribe button and join the notification squad. Thank you so much for watching everybody.


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