Build a Billion Dollar Rolodex Like Rockefeller

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Types of contacts:

  1. Access to capital
  2. Access to legal council
  3. Access to tax council/ laws
  4. Connector
  5. Media – Big following for announcements
  6. Insider – Intel/research – Inside scoop
  7. Sounding Boards
  8. Celebrities
  9. Politicians
  10. Physically attractive people

Quality of your relationship with the contact:

  1. You made $ together
  2. You won together
  3. Emotional bond
  4. You had fun together
  5. Common enemy or ally
  6. Overcame something tough together
  7. Mutual friends or family

Action Items:

  1. Gather all valuable contacts
  2. Organize and categorize
  3. Stay in constant communication, but don’t ask for favors often
  4. Add new names to the list


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