7 Types of Employees in a Company

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7 Types of Employees in a Company

In this video, Patrick Bet-David describes the seven types of employees at any organization and how you can identify where you fall in the spectrum, as well as for CEO’s to analyze who they have in their team.

  1. Temporary
    • These are the kind of employees who struggle to keep a job and are constantly hopping from one to another. They often complain about the organization and their leaders. These employees often lack discipline, self-awareness, and personal responsibility.
  2. 4:59 Club
    • The 4:59 club members meet their minimum requirements and are the first ones to clock out. They lack initiative, enthusiasm, and ownership.
  3. Resume Builders
    • Resume builders have a clear goal in mind and strategically position themselves in different roles at several companies to eventually land their dream job. There is nothing wrong with this approach and could potentially work both for the employee and the employer if discussed from the outset. 
  4. Lone Ranger
    • Lone Rangers are dependable and competent but do not work well when micromanaged. They seek to be left alone and will complete any task that is asked of them without having to interact with other employees.
  5. Team Players
    • Team players believe in the vision of the organization, will exceed expectations, and help others achieve the mission. They volunteer their free time to help other employees and often rise to executive positions at their organization.
  6. Reliable Leaders
    • These are team players in executive positions who are always there when you need them. They can manage their team and will get the job done in any situation.
  7. Intrapreneurs
    • Intrapreneurs not only share the vision of the owner but walk, act and talk like them. They take ownership of the company. These are employees who often are elevated to executive positions, are offered equity, and even own/run a piece of the company.

Understanding what kind of employee you are will allow you to gain perspective and help you discern whether that is congruent with your goals. Similarly, if you manage a number of employees, it will help you identify the caliber of your team and how you can approach each employee to achieve the best results.

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