7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness- Top Three Reviews

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7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness- Top Three Reviews

November’s book of the month was 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn. Many reviewed but only three made it to the video. Out of those three, only one was chosen to receive the $100 gift card to Amazon.

7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness- Top Three Reviews

Top Review- David White:

Jim Rohn (1930-2009) was one of the premier advocates of self-help and gaining business acumen through expanding your own psychological health. His simple to define, yet hard to master menu for personal success is summed up the 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness. One of his primary premises is to worry about the important things. Even in the introduction to the book, his mentor’s comment rings this out in blaring color. “Jim, there are always a half-dozen things that make eighty percent of the difference.” Mr. Rohn is adept at pointing out that if we concentrate on those few things, everything else will either fall in line, or does not matter.

This correlates to the Pareto Principle which states that 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people. Mr. Rohn indicates that if we desire wealth and happiness, we should concentrate on the 20 percent in all situations. If we have a team, 20 percent of the team will produce 80 percent of the results. While we can’t ignore the other 80 percent of the teams, we also cannot afford to spend all our time with them. Our responsibility is to let them know this principle and to guide them into the 20 percent if they desire membership! One of Mr. Rohn’s books states, “you can help 1,000, but you cannot carry three.” This means it is a better use of our time helping and encouraging rather than babysitting.

Mr. Rohn also says that wealth and happiness have different definitions for each person. We have to decide what these mean to us on an individual level. Without that definition, we cannot establish goals to reach those heights, nor will we be able to have the personal discipline required to meet the goals. This discipline is the single most-important factor we must possess. Without this “master key”, we are doomed to failure or mediocrity. Discipline will lead to action which will lead to results which will lead to goal accomplishment. What other definition of success can we have except that we have accomplished to goals we have set for ourselves?

By unleashing the power of our goals, disciplining ourselves in their accomplishment, and thereby achieving success, we have reached the position of being able to set new goals and the confidence to ensure we will reach them. This ongoing process leads us to ever-increasing wealth and ultimate happiness.

2nd place-  Steve Everrett

Review: 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness
First, I’d like to thank you for your wisdom in the selection of this book. I found it to be one of the most interesting books I have read this year. Each month, I have been challenged to complete and implement parts of this book into my daily living experiences. It is no different with this book. There were so many answers that I gain from this book that it I managed to realize the many voids I had and now recognizing how this book helped me with so many questions that have been voids for me since being in the business.
In reading this book, it was like being caught between whether to stop, and go pick up the diamonds or mind the goldmine within. I especially took note of the incident of the Girl Scouts and how he made it a S.E.E. (significant emotional event), which is a place and time of reference that assigns “meaning” and indicates a place of decision. This can be a place of change, transition or discovery. While you discover, a change of direction or a transition may occur. Either way it is about the decisions we make and what our “desired income” can become from them. My own desire is to be the vehicle for my family’s financial success since no one has ever attempted to do what I am doing now. I realize my “reasons” for doing what I do is strongly connected with a gut retching “desire” that I have to do this, I have to finish this course and that I must succeed. My desire even surpasses what I might think or understand on any given day, but I do know more with each growing day.
Rohn points out that we must have so many reasons that trigger a “hot button”. I am still discovering my hot buttons, and hope that as I grow and overcome each challenge, that “satisfaction”, does not seep into the equation. That can be dangerous! It can also slow anyone down. I am cautious about a lot of things and wonder if, I can reach for bigger and better all the time? Will I enjoy the journey of accomplishments along the way?” Will my desire dim and the hotness of pursuing success becomes less of a challenge? I can honestly say “I hope not,” but also I know that it a daily decision towards success. Will my values and determination keep pulling me forward? I believe in myself and the ability to make it happen. What that is, only I can determine that! I am convinced that my hopes and dreams will materialize as long as I pursue my life course with desire, determination, and belief. The journey begins…..

3rd place- Shirley King:

Jim Rohn gives us very practical advice on worry and letting your focus be on the things that are important and matter the most. He pretty much states everything else will work out for the best or it really didn’t matter anyway. His definitions and fundamentals of success are indirectly related to the beginning of time. In the bible in the book Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus speaks “Do not worry, but seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 

Rohn equates the key to success simply as the application of all learned knowledge to our life by sticking to the fundamentals. This starts with having and setting well –defined short and long term goals. I love the seasons of life and while they remain steadfast we have the capability of changing ourselves which then changes the life we live. Our growth really depends on what we are willing to do to self develop spiritually, physically and mentally. When we reach a place in our life when we know it is do or die then we must ask ourselves; why not me? So I am telling myself right now that I will have a have an attitude of gratitude while pursuing my dreams. Because in order to achieve financial freedom it means surrounding myself with winners, having a better plan and putting it into action non stop with an “I will” attitude until I surpass my goals.

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