7 Habits to Help Dominate in 2019

For the past 15 years in the month of December 20 to 30 people sit across the table from Patrick Bet-David and they go through their business plan. What they did that year, good, bad, ugly, and what they’re planning on doing the following year. Patrick gives feedback on their mindset and the things they need to be working on today.

It’s not about the 20 or 30 people today. It’s about you and Patrick. Patrick is going to share with you seven habits that can help you dominate in 2019, but he’s not going to sugarcoat anything. He’s going to be very direct with you and what you do with it, is completely on you.

7 Habits to Help Dominate in 2019

  1. Stop Changing Your Mind

    1. Make 2019 the year you stop changing your mind so often because it is putting a strain on your relationships, personally and professionally. A lot of people change their minds because business gets hard or something doesn’t go their way. No matter what business you choose to do, they’re all ugly. No business is pretty. It is like a relationship. It will not always be perfect. With that in mind, you need to stick to your decisions. None of us like to lose. People can respond to a loss in one of three ways – they freeze, they go and fight, or they flee (change their minds and run away) No one is going to take you seriously if you keep changing your mind in 2019.
  2. Stop Winning Arguments With Words

    1. The best way to win arguments is to win arguments with performance, not words. Drop the whole, “I’m working so hard. I have the most appointments. I’m doing the most work,” routine. When you win arguments with performance everybody knows what you did without having to be told. Stop being a wordsmith and start being a hard worker in 2019.
  3. Accountability

    1. There’s being held accountable and then there’s being held accountable to the right person. The person that is at your level or lower is not going to be that tough on you. They are not the ones that should hold you accountable. Find someone who is ahead of you and most importantly willing to hold you accountable on a weekly basis in 2019. Accountability must go higher in order to grow yourself and your business.
  4. Relationships

    1. This point is meant for the people who look at all their relationships as pieces on a chessboard, to be used to achieve a goal and ultimately disposed of. The value of all these relationships is being tossed away as well. That value is so important for you to maintain in 2019. Take stock of the five relationships in your life now that you want to keep for the next 20,30, 40 years. What are you doing to grow those relationships? Apply those techniques to all the right relationships because you can’t have a massive year or decade without the right people.
  5. Fixing Yourself

    1. To the people who love to point the finger at everybody else and expect other people to change and improve, you need to change yourself in 2019. Make an effort to study every single one of your trends. The next time you’re angry, get a paper and pen and write down exactly what caused you to be angry. Do the same when you’re depressed, when you’re agitated, when you get lazy, when you get urgent, when people want to be around you, whatever it is. Study all these trends the way that hedge fund managers study stocks and you’ll start replacing your bad habits with good ones.
  6. Mama’s Boy/ Acting Up

    1. This goes out to all the Mama’s Boys that are about to close this window, stop reading, and stop watching because they got hurt by Patrick calling you out. You don’t have to listen to this, but by not listening you will make your 2019 just as bad as your 2018. Mama’s Boys do things to get unnecessary attention because they were raised seeking constant attention from their mother. You may be 34 years old and you still want that kind of attention. If something doesn’t go your way on any given day, you’ll do whatever you can to get unnecessary attention. But everyone around you will get burned out eventually. This is a trend you can study just like point number five.
  7. Over-Deliver

    1. Whether you’re the leader or you are a part of a team, when you are in an environment where everyone is asking you to come through with a number, don’t just do what people expect you to do. Over-deliver and surprise everybody. Build the reputation in 2019 of over-delivering on the numbers that come out of your mouth.

Next Steps: Download the Phone Wallpaper so you can see these 7 Habits every day on your phone. Also, grab the Desktop Wallpaper of the list if you want to put it on social media so you can hold yourself accountable publicly, as well as share this with others. If you are fully committed to these 7 Habits send a tweet to @patrickbetdavid and tell Pat, you are committed in 2019.  View Wallpapers on DROPBOX

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