5 Reasons People Stop Dreaming

Sometimes you hit a wall in your life or career, you say to yourself, “I don’t know if my dreams will ever become a reality.” Patrick Bet-David can help you out of that negative mindset by identifying the five main reasons why people stop dreaming.

Knowing these pitfalls can help you turn around and say, “Okay, I see where I got off track. Let’s create an action plan to keep dreaming and pushing towards goals.”

5 Reasons Why People Stop Dreaming

  1. Too Logical

    1. Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist says, once we turn 23, 24 years old: our brain becomes more logical. We no longer believe we can take over the world and achieve big dreams.
    2. Your dreams are flirting with you. You’re not letting your dreams flirt because all you’re doing is saying, “I know what you’re trying to do with me,” and your letting logic dictate your actions. Being too logical in decision making will cause you to miss out on great deals and new opportunities.
  2. Bad Language

    1. We’re not talking about cursing. The negative thoughts and comments you internalize about your own abilities become a reality. Stop saying can’t, won’t, couldn’t; and start referring to yourself and your dreams positively.
  3. Limiting Beliefs

    1. There are two types of limiting beliefs; either someone else imposes their own limiting beliefs on you or you give yourself limits. Don’t let this happen. Don’t draw a line in the sand without experiencing first hand what you can and can’t do.
    2. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said he wanted to be like Will Smith but bigger when he was just a wrestler, and now look at him. He made 124 million last year, the highest all-time for an actor. He didn’t let his own or other’s limiting beliefs stop him from achieving that.
  4. Unsuccessful Family

    1. People use a lack of an inspirational figure in their family life as an excuse. Truly successful people look for inspiration all around them because it’s everywhere. You don’t need a mother or a father in the business or doing great things for you to achieve your dreams. Find your inspiration and fuel your dreams.
  5. Feel Defeated

    1. As we get older and we start seeing people around us get sick, pass away, or go through tragedies. We use these events as excuses to give up on our dreams.
    2. But guess what? With advancements in medicine, today’s 55 is the new 35. You are not done, you got a lot of life left. Don’t let external forces make you live small and give up your dreams. Dreams are attracted to an attitude, a persona, a mindset, and not an age.

Next Steps: Share this video with someone in your life who feels defeated and has given up on their dreams. It could change their life. If this video has resonated with you let Patrick know about it and tweet @patrickbetdavid. Then go and watch the video, How to Break the Curse of Limiting Beliefs

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