2020 Strategic Business Planning

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How to prepare for 2020:

When it comes down to business planning there are three types of people; There are those who aren’t prepared. There are those who are winging it, these people have spent a couple hours with their friends putting something together. Then there are those who are prepared and can’t wait to execute on the plans they have for the following year. This video will look into how you can prepare for 2020.


First you need to look at a 2019 recap, here are the following things to look for;

  1. Study trends
  2. Good/Bad/Ugly
  3. 2019 vs 2018
    1. M to M
    2. Q to Q
  4. Missed opportunities
  5. SWOT


Next is looking at the potential 2020 threats, here are the following things to be aware of:

  1. Industry
  2. Politics
  3. Economy
  4. Regulation
  5. Family/Health/personal
  6. Anticipate expected events in company
    1. Are you on track to meet the deadlines and events that will be taking place in 2020?


After having looked at threats you should be looking for things to anticipate, they include the following:

  1. New Hires
  2. New product
  3. New comp plan
  4. Next 15 moves in every aspect of life


After having looked at threats and opportunities it is important to shift to looking at the numbers to measure:

  • Every months record
  • Every quarters record
  • 2020 goals
  • Revenue/net profit
  • New subscribers/customers


Next would be to have a list of the topics to follow closely in 2020, the list should include some of these:

  1. Trade war
  2. 5G
  3. Brexit
  4. Election
  5. US/Iran
  6. Epstein


Just like there are topics to pay attention in 2020 there are certain people you should be paying attention to as well, the big people in your industry as well as the following names:

  1. Trump
  2. Warren
  3. Biden
  4. Hillary
  5. Jared Kushner
  6. Bezos
  7. Musk
  8. Dorsey
  9. Zuckerberg


Finally you want to start mapping out the important dates in your calendar, something like this:


January –                                 1st Wednesday

                                                   25th Chinese New Year

February –                               3rd Iowa Caucuses

March –                                   3rd Super Tuesday Primaries

April –

May –

June –

July –                                       6th– 9th Vault Conference

                                                   DNC – 13th – 16th Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                                                   7/24 – 58/9 Summer Olympics

August –                                   24th – 27th RNC

September –

October –                                 20th World Expo hosted in Dubai

November –                             3rd Election day

                                                   26th Thanksgiving

December –                             Christmas Friday 25th



Now these dates are just an example, based on your industry and company you need to fill in important business events and things you need to be aware of, this goes for both your personal and business calendar.

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