20 Things That Motivate People

Have you ever asked yourself: What motivates people or how do I motivate someone?

Just like an athlete has to psych themselves up to face the opponent, you also need to figure out a way to psych yourself up when you face your opponents on a daily basis. Not only for yourself, but also for your teammates because as an entrepreneur you also must get your team ready.

Patrick Bet-David wants to talk about what drives you and what drives your team. You can use this information to improve your team, it will show you how they work, and also it will allow you to build a stronger team by recruiting people that are motivated in complimentary ways. Patrick has identified four areas that drive people.

4 Areas That Drive People

Advancement – These people see reaching new heights as the best form of motivation.

1. Next Promotion

If all you want to do is hit your next promotion, sit down with a team leader or teammate and figure out what goals you need to accomplish to get there.

2. Completing a Task

These are the people that have to finish what they started. If members of your team are like that, break down their responsibilities into tasks so they can stay motivated.

3. Meeting a Deadline

Some people are only motivated by a looming deadline. A deadline gives them a clear goal to focus on and many of them work up until the last second before the deadline is reached. Give them more deadlines or move the deadline sooner to get more results.

4. Reaching a Goal as a Team

Not everyone on the team is going to be the MVP, many people are motivated by the team reaching new heights together. As a leader, you have to give your team increasing milestones to keep these people motivated because they thrive on team success.

Individual – – These people see personal goals and wants as the best form of motivation.

5. Lifestyle

This person likes nice things, but they aren’t selfish in a negative sense. People that are driven by achieving a lifestyle know what they want to get out of working hard. Their goal is tangible. Motivating people driven by a lifestyle is about understanding what their end goal looks like.

6. Recognition

Working with people driven by recognition is all about making the extra effort to turn the spotlight on them when you can. They will shine and outperform everybody if they are given recognition for their performance. It could be as simple as having a one-on-one and letting them know how much you appreciate the effort they are putting out there.

7. Security

There are people out there that selfishly want to be secure in their job, their lifestyle, or in their industry. These people want to live in communities and countries that provide them with a sense of security.

Madness – These people see unconventional factors as the best form of motivation.

8. Opposition

These top performers need someone to go up against, they need opposition. In certain environments presenting these people with what their opposition can do, will motivate them to perform at a high level.

9. Competition

Create a competitive environment within your team and see who lives off the competition. Pit the competitive team members up against each other to bring out the best performance they have. This is not about being combative, this is about competing as motivation to win.

10. Control

Some people want to control their space, their team, or their industry. Gaining and keeping control over their area is what drives them to win. You can tell these people what they can do to put themselves in control of what they are doing.

11. Power & Fame

There was a lot of people that say, “I want to go make my money because after making my money, I want to go run for governor.” Or “I want to be able to have the power and the influence to be on the cover of Time magazine and make some big decisions.” Some people might think that fame isn’t the noblest thing to pursue, but this is about getting the best out of your team and yourself. You need to teach your team the right values and the right principles that will allow them to apply all of these motivations positively.

12. Proving Others Wrong

Barbara Corcoran is a great example of this person. Her ex-boyfriend told her that she wouldn’t achieve anything without him. So, she left him built and sold a million-dollar company and is now on Shark Tank every week. Proving others wrong, lights a fire under certain people to motivate them to win.

13. The Need to Avoid Embarrassment

This person over prepares a speech because they need to nail this speech so badly to avoid embarrassing themselves. They are going to go above and beyond, to avoid the situation, because their need is so great.

14. Mastery

Mastery is a little different than control. Mastery is about being the best in all aspects. There isn’t a technique, history lesson, or new technology these people don’t know about. It requires repetition and a lot of time. If masters publicly told you their schedules, you would be frightened of them. 99.9% people don’t want to be a master because of the commitment. Masters are crazy.

15. Be the Best [Break Records]

It isn’t mastery or control. These people are motivated by shattering records that other people have achieved. They want their name at the top of every category, or to walk into a room with their peers and have everyone stand in awe of them. It doesn’t matter how they do it, they only care about achieving it. They want to be the very best like no one ever was.

Purpose – These people see something bigger than themselves as the best form of motivation.

16. History

People that are driven by history want to be remembered long after they are dead. They don’t want to be like the countless long-dead billionaires that nobody remembers. They think it’s great those dead billionaires achieved wealth, but to people driven by history, it’s legacy that matters to them.

17. Helping others

The motivation to serve others is about taking the wealth and success you gain and using it to benefit the community. Whether it is giving time and money back to those less fortunate or mentoring young entrepreneurs on their way up, serving others motivates people to perform.

18. Change

Change is a driving factor for some people. They want to change an industry, a process, the way we view the world or even change what goals the team may have. Change as a motivator comes down to results and how you, as a team leader, help these change agents reach the results they are excited about.

19. Impact

For some people, they don’t want to come in and fill a role or a seat. They want to make an impact that is lasting for the company or team. It is about creating a ripple effect that spreads far and wide.

20. Enlightenment

Enlightened people ask, “How can I get myself to be more enlightened by gathering information and data, so I can help make better decisions?” Once you provide them with the right knowledge, everything clicks, and they drive growth.

Next Steps: Download the PDF and score yourself on these areas then take your scores and compare them with what other people think of you. Read the two books Patrick recommends Daniel H. Pink’s Drive and Tony Robbin’s 6 Things That Make People Tick. And don’t forget to watch the two videos to learn more The Evolution of Your Why and How to Get the Best Out of Your Salesforce.

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