15 Types of Parents – Your Next 5 Moves As A Parent

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In this video Patrick Bet-David breaks down 15 different types of parents, some questions to ask yourself, what you are born with and what is taught and finally he gives you your next five moves. 

15 types of parents

  1. Helicopter parents: Overprotective
  2. Bulldozer parents: Taking all the problems away from you
  3. Dictator: My way or the highway 
  4. You’re perfect: My baby can’t do anything wrong
  5. Passive: they tried to discipline you, but you ran all over them
  6. Military: High expectation 
  7. Negative: Highly critical
  8. Religious
  9. Imposer: Imposing their dreams on you
  10. One parent household: Had to play the role of Mom and Dad
  11. Uninvolved: Didn’t care what you did
  12. Absent: Just wasn’t there
  13. Abusive parent: alcohol, physical, drugs, sexually, words
  14. Victim mentality parent: They constantly blamed everyone for everything
  15. Structured and encouraged independent thinking
    • Team
    • Everyone has to pull their weight
    • Disciplined
    • Expectation 

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What did you love about the way your parents parented you?
  2. What did you hate about the way your parents parented you?
  3. What did you love that ended up being bad for you? And what did you hate that ended up being good for you?

Your Next Five Moves:

  1. Identify your style of parenting
  2. Decide what values and principles do you want to pass down to your kids
  3. Decide on what kind of routine, structure, creativity and fun can you create at different stages for your kids
  4. Decide the currency in your house for them to get what they want
  5. Figure out who and how can you leverage to help with the development process of your kids

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